Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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Holy crap, did Mississippi ever get nailed by mega-tornadoes the other day.  Excerpt:

At least 24 people are dead in Mississippi after a tornado touched down just after sundown Friday in a storm system that delivered twisters, heavy rain, wind gusts and hail as it traveled throughout the South.

The storm system ripped through Mississippi and produced a tornado that touched down and caused catastrophic damage to communities across the state. In Rolling Fork, a rural town about 60 miles northwest from the state capital of Jackson, what were once buildings are now piles of scattered debris. The twister moved northeast, devastating rural areas.

The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado caused damage about 60 miles northeast of Jackson, Mississippi. Silver City and Rolling Fork were reporting destruction as the tornado continued sweeping northeast at 70 mph without weakening, racing towards Alabama through towns including Winona and Amory into the night. Thousands in the region are still without power, according to

Of course our hearts go out to the people who suffered this massive storm.

I grew up in tornado country (eastern Iowa) and have some experience with these destructive storms.  A few years back our oldest, a highly experienced emergency medicine pro, deployed to Marshalltown, Iowa after a major tornado swept through that medium-sized (for Iowa) city.  Along about 1980 I was riding my motorcycle down the highway and had a smallish twister chase me into a ditch before veering off and tearing up a cornfield.  I also remember, when I was just a little tad, going along when my parents went to see Oelwein and later Charles City after those towns were hit; my memories are somewhat vague but I remember severe damage.  A few years ago I had occasion to drive through a town just north of Nashville that had just come through a major twister; that town looked like it had been barraged by heavy artillery.  Tornadoes are just plain no joke.

Nature is pretty capricious, and makes us look pretty puny by comparison.  We’re fortunate here in the Great Land to have tornadoes be a pretty rare event, small when they do occur, and in a place with miles and miles of miles and miles with no folks living there, they tend to hit wilderness when they do happen.  Instead, we deal with heavy snows, earthquakes and the occasional volcano, all of which also make us look pretty puny.  Anywhere you go, there’s something.

Now, the usual suspects in the “climate change” crowd are wasting no time blaming SUVs and natural-gas stoves for this, but thankfully, at least as of the time of this writing, nobody seems to be taking their ghoulishness too seriously.  We can, for the moment at least, be thankful for that.