Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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Things  – as in, blog posts – may be a little spotty this week.  We’re being pounded, you see, with a winter storm that’s notable even by south-central Alaska standards.  The National Weather Service as well as a couple of Anchorage weather forecasters are predicting anywhere from eight to sixteen inches of white stuff before we’re done – it’s been coming down since late yesterday.  And we’ll be seeing more spats of snow during the week.  Maybe even a little freezing rain, as Thursday’s highs may reach into the thirties.

The thing that may make posts spotty is that our electricity is all above-ground, and susceptible to weather.  We’ve been fortunate so far this winter, as last week housing all around us went without power for a while.  But this morning our electrical co-op sent out an advisory to have some water and firewood on hand in case of power outages.  That’s to be expected up here, of course.  It’s Alaska.  Living out in the sticks up here comes with some expectations, and one of those expectations is the chance of bad weather knocking the power out for a spell.  Fortunately the power company is usually Johnny-on-the-spot getting things fixed.

Anyway.  With a bit of luck, this week’s posts will move on as usual.  If not…  Well, I’ll catch you all up on the far side.