Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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So, tomorrow is the big day.  David Harsanyi has some ideas as to how we got to the (likely) turnout tomorrow.  Excerpt:

Last night, the President of the United States, a man whose pathological lying has been ratcheted up to surreal levels lately, gave one of the most transparently toxic partisan speeches in memory. Biden, quite paradoxically, warned that American “democracy” could only survive if the nation functioned under one-party rule. Despite historic early turnouts, the president lied about widespread attacks on voting rights, preemptively engaging in the kind of election denialism he contends is “un-American.” Biden has probably forgotten that virtually every major Democrat was an “election denialist” not only in 2016 but in 2000, as well.

The president then blamed the actions of the mentally ill, drug-addled individual who viciously attacked the husband of Nancy Pelosi on all of MAGAdom — which, according to Democrats, includes everyone who disagrees with any of their positions, including a pro-life movement that’s been around forever. Biden, who has likely engaged in more blatant executive abuses than any post-war president, leads a party that makes little distinction between “democracy” and its own power, treating any deviation, whether it be by the courts or voters, as illegitimate and “undemocratic” — a word that has been sapped of any real meaning.

Go, then, and read it all – there are some good arguments there.

I’ve been a politician-watcher since the late Seventies, and never in my life have I seen a political party overstep so badly, so quickly.  Tomorrow’s results – assuming we get results beyond the margin of fraud – will reflect that.

President Biden(‘s handlers) deserve a lot of the credit, of course.  The man himself, I don’t think we can rightly place too much at his feet; he doesn’t even know where his feet are any more.  Every time we see him speak he seems to be getting worse, and I’ll be a bit surprised if he doesn’t step down in 2023, citing health or some other reason.  Or, if Frau Doktor Professor Jill tries to put on the pressure to stay in her Edith Wilson role, the 25th Amendment may be invoked.  Either way, I’m skeptical about him lasting his full term.  Old Joe’s disintegration has become too obvious.

Which, of course, leaves us with the dry-heave-inducing Heels-Up Harris as POTUS.  She, of course, also deserves some of the blame for the drubbing the Dems will almost certainly take tomorrow.  She is at least consistent -every time she opens her mouth something stupid comes out (decorum prevents me from speculating about anything proceeding in the opposite direction).  In that case, she’ll be the lamest lame duck that ever ducked, with no hope of getting a Democrat VP through the GOP-controlled Congress.

But back to the kinked article; watch, now, the reactions from the Left when the GOP is through kicking some and taking some on Tuesday.  Watch the major cities.  I expect to see some “mostly peaceful” unrest, and I expect to see the apocalyptic rhetoric from the Left ratcheted up.

When Bill Clinton was confronted with a similar drubbing in his first mid-term, he triangulated, moderated some of his stances and ended up having a modestly successful Presidency.  Nobody involved in the Biden(‘s handlers) Administration or their enablers in the legacy media is that smart.  Their reaction to proggie policies being rejected will be to prog harder, and we’ll see how far that gets them – I’m guessing it will get them to a Republican President in 2025.

Go vote tomorrow!