Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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Now then, go and read this:  Eleven fewer dead people.  Excerpt:

On Sunday July 17, 2022, some dork with two rifles and a handgun attempted to shoot up the Greenwood Park Mall food court in Greenwood Indiana. In the span of only fifteen seconds he was shot eight times by private citizen Elisjsha Dicken, an 80% hit rate from forty yards with a double stack nine millimeter handgun, whereupon the dork decided to flee to the bathroom and do us all the favor of dying there. We have much to unpack about this instance, but five key points with mathematical backing show a clear path to saving hundreds of future lives, and further show why the media doesn’t want to save them.

You have a greater chance of being killed by a shark than by a ‘mass shooter,’ despite what the pearl-clutchers in the legacy media and Congress would have us believe – they jack up the number of ‘mass shootings’ by including gang-related turf shootouts along with incidents like Uvalde or the Greenwood Park Mall incidents, and there are completely different root causes between the two.  And there’s the copycat factor, which the medial largely ignores and in which they are partly complicit, as the press invariably makes these goblins famous.

Here’s the interesting  bit:

Rampage killings are only stopped by two things, the police or private citizens. Three people died in this shooting. When we perform a true analysis of “rampage killing” statistics, we find that rampage killings stopped by police carry an average of 14.29 casualties, whereas rampage killings stopped by citizen responders carry an average of 2.33 casualties. The average police response time to a 911 call is eleven minutes. Mr. Dicken responded to this shooting forty four times faster than the average police response time, saving (by averages) 11.29 lives in the process. These are facts.

This entire engagement transpired in a gun free zone. If Mr. Dicken had followed the rules on the sign, then 11.29 additional people (by averages) would be dead. The gun free zone sign did not deter the shooter, and eleven people in that food court owe their lives to the fact that Dicken also ignored the sign. This is indisputable.

I’ve ignored those signs myself.  I won’t say when or where, but I have.  I’ll almost certainly continue to do so.  I won’t advise anyone else on what to do, but I’m pretty certain regular readers of these virtual pages are capable of working that out for themselves.