Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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Have a look at this:

As do a lot of folks, I suspect that the 2024 GOP Presidential nomination is probably Donald Trump’s to lose, should he choose to run for it.  I also suspect that Governor DeSantis wouldn’t run against him.  But President Trump hasn’t yet made that announcement, and there’s always the chance that his age and health may rule him out; he’s said so himself.

But if he doesn’t run, boy howdy, is this ever the guy that the GOP needs to put up against whoever the Dems pick, and that sure as shootin’ won’t be President Biden(‘s handlers).  Every time Governor DeSantis makes a statement like this, every time he gets an attempted ‘gotcha’ question from the media and shoots it down in flames, every time he triumphantly signs some new piece of legislation that slams the door on some aspect of the proggie wish list, he just makes that plainer and plainer.

Even if we don’t see President DeSantis sworn in in January 2025, it’s a damn good bet we’ll see him in 2029, or at some point after that.  Back in the Eighties it was often said that it took a Carter to give us a Reagan; it will very likely be the case that it will take a Biden to bring us a DeSantis.  And that, True Believers, will be a good thing.