Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

Thanks as always to Pirate’s Cove, The Other McCain, Whores and Ale and Bacon Time for the Rule Five links!

And boy howdy, but are the shenanigans of the Biden clan ever coming to light!  Here are some examples:

Joe Biden’s Released Tax Returns Don’t Explain Millions In Income. Where Did It Come From?

Hundreds of Biden Bank Transactions Marked ‘Concerning’

Grassley Drops More Bombs in the Biden Scandal.

Biden Inc. Rolls on as Sister Cashes in on ‘Big Guy’s’ Political Career.

Hunter Biden & ‘The Big Guy’ Are In Real Trouble

Read through those.  My reaction:  Holy crap!  At least the Clintons tried to start a foundation to make some small attempt to paper over their corruption.  The Bidens?  They’re taking whacking huge bribes from all over the world, and they don’t give even one single ounce of rat’s pee who knows it.

So the big question is this:  What, in the end, will be the result of all this?  And here’s my big answer:  Nothing.  Oh, maybe Hunter will have to pay some token fines or some other such embarrassment, but old Joe himself has the ultimate Get Out Of Jail Free card – a “D” after his name.

Nothing will come of this, the legacy media will do their best to downplay it, and in the end the Biden(‘s handlers) Presidency will fail not because of this but simply because of the incompetence of whoever is pulling old Joe’s strings.

That is, unless the GOP grows some balls and actually pursues this blatant corruption.