Goodbye Blue Monday!

Goodbye, Blue Monday!
Goodbye, Blue Monday!

A few programming notes:

First, thanks yet again to The Other McCain for the Rule Five links!

Tomorrow evening we’ll be live-blogging as election results come in, with emphasis on our own Colorado elections but also notes on the national scene.  Stay tuned.

Also, the road beckons; much as I enjoy these between-project intervals, most of the business is work on large, long-term projects.  I have entered a bid on one such, a six-month project in the Bay Area.

As in, San Francisco.  California.

Hoo boy.  It’s a lovely old city with a lot of historical significance, but it’s also the epicenter of much of America’s more overt left-wing nutballery today.  (See any of the sterling work done by PJMedia columnist Zombie for examples.)

So, assuming I end up on the roster for this project, it should be an interesting piece of work-tourism all the way around, especially after coming off of a year in deep-red northern Indiana.

2014_11_3_RCP-SenateBut back to the election:  Tomorrow is the big day, and it looks like the Party of Obama is set for another shellacking.  Here’s the latest Senate map from RealClearPolitics:

Note that our own Colorado is in the tossup column, as is our old childhood stomping grounds state of Iowa, where Joni Ernst is 2014_11_3_RCP-Senate-Notossupwidening her lead.  A look at RCP’s no-tossup map lands both those and several others in the GOP column, which gives the Republicans a 52-seat majority in the Senate:

Personally I’m not counting out Kansas or North Carolina yet, either, and Louisiana may be a cliffhanger until January.  But still, 52 seats is do-able for the GOP. A solid Republican majority sidelines daffy old Joe Biden as a potential Senate tie-breaker and will (or, at least, should) result in a tsunami of GOP bills headed for the President’s desk, forcing him to either shit or get off the pot.

We’ll find out tomorrow night.  Stay tuned.  It should be quite a ride.