Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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You’ve probably noticed gas prices creeping up – along with lots of other prices.  In fact, gas prices nationwide are at a seven-year high.  Here in the Great Land, gas has gone up over a dollar a gallon from this time last year, from roughly $2.50 to $3.65, more or less, here in the Valley.  Here’s a good piece on why that’s happening.  Excerpt:

Under former President Donald Trump, the United States achieved effective energy independence. It became a net exporter of petroleum products and, for a brief moment in time, crude oil.

In terms of geopolitics, the U.S. easily achieved what had been referred to as North American energy independence.

This meant U.S. policy was no longer subject to the vagaries of Middle Eastern politics — a big factor in Trump’s achievement of reconciling Israel with key Arab neighbors. It also meant that Russia, another world-leading fossil fuel producer, had been limited in its use of hydraulic despotism in the service of its malign agenda.

Over a 10-year period, the shale revolution also created a vibrant and prosperous industry in the U.S. reviving rural areas and bringing top-paying jobs to those involved. Two consecutive presidents had the good sense to stay mostly out of its way.

In fact, former President Barack Obama has tried to take credit for the invention of fracking and horizontal drilling , or perhaps even for putting all that oil under the ground in the first place.

Now, President Joe Biden is trying to throw away the independence, prosperity, and carbon emissions reductions that fracking has conferred upon the nation. All this just to appease environmental extremists whose support he needs and who think it is possible to wish away humanity’s need for abundant energy.

The price of this idiocy is being reflected at the pump every time you fill up. You may have noticed the price of gasoline is up almost 50% from where it was a year ago. It is now at its highest point in seven years.

Biden, whose first acts in office included a ban on domestic oil exploration on federal land and the cancellation of a needed oil pipeline, has responded to this situation not by encouraging more domestic production. Instead, he repeatedly approaches OPEC, hat in hand, begging the cartel and even the Russians to produce more oil for him. To see him beg foreign enemies to save his political standing is genuinely pathetic and degrading.

There is a lot about the Biden(‘s handlers) Administration that is pathetic and degrading, but rising fuel prices are one of the worst.  This de facto tax hits hardest on the people least able to afford it, and affects a lot more than just gasoline.  With winter coming, people will be increasingly relying on natural gas and fuel oil to heat their homes, and that’s now going to cost more, because of the stupidity of President Biden(‘s handlers).  We recently had our fuel oil tank refilled, and noted that the price of heating oil was up.  The guy who drives the oil delivery truck opined it will be going up more.  And our fuel is generally local, more or less, coming out of the refinery down in Nikiski.

Fortunately we have plenty of firewood.

While we’re struggling with inflation, virtually everything Americans do is now more expensive purely because of this administration’s moronic energy policies.  Not just driving, not just heating our homes – everything we buy, everything we depend on, is moved from point of origin to point of sale using gasoline and Diesel fuel.  All of those costs are passed on to the consumer – us.

I sure hope people remember this in 2022 and 2024.  But then, no one ever went broke betting on the stupidity of the American electorate.