Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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Now then:  Tipp Insights has some interesting analysis of polls on President Biden(‘s handlers) performance.  Key points, with my comments, follows.

President Biden has the reverse Midas touch. Some call it the ‘Sadim touch.’ It is the name Midas spelled backwards.

Coronavirus, economy, and immigration are the top three issues for 1,308 Americans in our IBD/TIPP poll completed last week.

Let’s assess President Biden’s performance in these key issues.

Here’s the first:

Handling The Coronavirus

The share of Americans who give him an A or B has fallen from 56% in April to 45% in October.

73% of Democrats give President Biden an A or B, while only 16% of Republicans and 38% of independents give him good grades.

President Biden’s vaccine mandates have been divisive.  We believe it is myopic and likely not to have any significant impact.  Many Americans are quitting their jobs or facing layoffs because of the mandate, increasing the wage pressure and worsening inflation.  In addition, it could trigger supply chain hiccups and cause stagnation.

I’m not sure why they chose the imprecise “could” in that last sentence.  The Kung Flu and governmental over-reaction to it at all levels already has caused supply chain hiccups, most notably in seaports.  And it’s not just supply chain problems that are causing stagflation.

Handling The Economy

President Biden is presiding over the worst inflation of the decade.  New York Post estimates that an average American household is paying $175 more a month due to inflation.  In the IBD/TIPP Poll, 81% of Americans are concerned about inflation.

Further, President Biden wants to increase taxes to pay for huge Washington spending of over five trillion dollars on infrastructure and social programs.  As we noted: “Businesses and families in the country are hurting and afraid of inflation, and they believe that big government spending is unwise.”

Inflation is already here, and it’s going to get worse, especially if Dems get even part of their proposed $3.5 trillion wet dream.

Handling Immigration

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported 208,887 encounters along the Southwest Border in August.  It was two percent below the July level.  The report states that 1,002,722 unique individuals have been encountered year-to-date during Fiscal Year 2021, compared to 851,513 during the same period in Fiscal Year 2019.

Americans are concerned that immigrants could worsen the COVID situation.

This may well be the straw that breaks the Presidential back.  There are literally few or no controls over most of the people that have swarmed into the U.S. across the border since January.  We don’t know where a lot of them came from, we don’t know anything about their backgrounds, and we don’t know their health status.  But the Biden(‘s handlers) Administration is just giving them a pass and a free bus ride to some American city that they can disappear into.

The article concludes:

National policies and actions affect ordinary Americans. It is imperative that the Biden administration take into account the citizens’ fears and address them promptly and effectively.

They won’t.  These aren’t learning-curve issues; they aren’t temporary stumbles.  The failures, the massive and far-reaching failures of this administration are due to incompetence and stupidity, and those things can only be corrected by the voters in the next election – or by impeachment, after a presumable GOP takeover of Congress in 2022.  And that impeachment would have to likewise encompass Heels-Up Harris, or else it’s frying pan-to-fire time.