Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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Now then:  Here. for your amusement, are President Biden(‘s handlers) “accomplishments” in eight charts.  Excerpt:

Months after President Joe Biden supposedly “rescued” the country from the COVID-19 pandemic and promised that he’d bring the country together, how is the nation doing? Well, there are several indicators on the rise. Unfortunately, they are all indicators of trouble.

The news Thursday that the GDP gained 6.5% in the second quarter (the first full quarter since Biden signed his American Rescue Plan) is good. But it is well below economists’ forecasts. The Blue Chip Consensus forecast was above 9%, and other surveys pegged Q2 growth at 8.5%. It was also just barely above the gain in Q1 — which was before any of Biden’s policies had taken effect.

Still, other things are on the rise under Biden, too, many of them well above expectations.

The misery index is up, for example, so is inflation, pessimism, and financial stress. Illegal border crossings are up and murders are way up. Oh, and cases of COVID-19 — the disease Biden said he would slay — are increasing again.

Naturally, while taking credit for the good GDP number, the Biden administration is trying to pin the blame for all these other things on President Donald Trump. But how convincing can that be, when Biden ostentatiously broke with just about every one of Trump’s policies and did so in ways that had an immediate effect?

We’ve put together seven charts that help tell this story, starting with the inflation rate.

It seems the current administration has not one brain among them.

Read the entire linked article, of course, but the upshot is this:  By ever metric used to measure the public’s satisfaction with the country’s direction, the Biden(‘s handlers) Administration is screwing the pooch.  Inflation is the big worry right now, at least for yr. obdt., and the current crop of nitwits in the Imperial City is doubling down on dumping trillions of fiat dollars into the staggering economy.

Buy durable goods, folks.  If things go really, really sideways, and at this point I’m not ruling anything out, crypto-currencies won’t get you much, and your stocks of gold and silver may only be worth melting down for fishing sinkers.  Based on the current demands, the best investments in precious metals is likely to be brass and lead.

And if you had asked me, even one year ago, if I had thought things could turn this bad this fast, I probably would have laughed.

What an utter cluster-fuck.