Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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Well, it seems Heels-Up Harris’ trip to “the border” was an utter sham.  As in, she barely left the airport – an airport eight hundred miles away from where the worst problems are.  Excerpt:

Bear in mind this woman, who was thrust (hah) into a political career atop Willie Brown’s penis, was only chosen for the VP slot (hah) for three reasons:

  1. She has a vagina.
  2. She’s a “woman of color,” whatever the hell that means these days.
  3. She’s President Biden’s best life insurance policy.

Bear in mind the demonstrated intellectual capacity of this woman – who, in spite of having been fully vaccinated for the Kung Flu, makes a show of wearing a mask while kissing her also-masked husband, who is also fully vaccinated for the Kung Flu.

It’s like they are a couple of twelve-year-olds on the school yard, making sure they all have the latest school spirit pin on their jackets.

In other words, VP Heels-Up’s trip to “the border” was like most of the rest of the President Biden(‘s handlers) administration – all about appearances.  Even the policies and legislation they are pushing, which at least some of them have to know, at some level, would be disastrous, won’t go anywhere, with their razor-thin margins in House and Senate.

2022 can’t come fast enough, True Believers.