Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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Here’s an interesting bit, wherein our good friend Robert Stacy McCain describes a police shooting in Omaha.  Excerpt:

The loaded .45 Jones was carrying on the night of Nov. 19, 2020, had been purchased by his brother. We do not know — the article in the Omaha World-Herald doesn’t tell us — whether the brother acted as a “straw man” purchaser to provide his criminal brother with a weapon, which would be a federal felony. Liberals are always proclaiming they want “common sense” gun-control laws, and prohibiting convicted felons from possessing firearms is about as common-sense as it gets. Need I explain the relevance of this to the death of Kenneth Jones?

  1. Contrary to what liberals would have us believe, there are already numerous laws — federal, state and local — which regulate the sale and possession of firearms.
  2. Criminals do not obey gun-control laws. If it were in their nature to obey laws, they wouldn’t be criminals, would they?
  3. The way to prevent “gun violence” (a phrase beloved by the liberal media) is to enforce existing laws.

Guess whose job it is to enforce laws?

Oh, wait — it’s the police! And liberals hate the police.

The fact is this:  Bad guys will always find a way to arm themselves.  And, predictably, those armed criminals will generally do something stupid, and get themselves killed.

I remember a conversation I had many years ago with a retired career law-enforcement officer, the father of a buddy of mine.  He told us that every criminal he ever encountered combined three primary personality traits:  Greedy, mean, and stupid.  Proportions may vary but those three are invariably present.  Kenneth Jones clearly had those three traits, but it sure seems like stupid was a big part of it.

Mr. McCain concludes:

How often have you heard liberal advocates of gun control speak about the need to “get guns off our streets”? Well, how do they suppose this is going to happen? Whose job will it be to apprehend criminals and confiscate their weapons? Cops, that’s who. And what will happen when, predictably, criminals don’t cooperate with the program?

Most gun-control advocates don’t think that clearly about this issue.  It’s largely an emotional position.  The “get guns of the street” stance is predicated on the idea that all that need be done is passing yet another law, and somehow this time it will be different, and the magic words will somehow make all the bad guns go away, ushering in a glorious era of peace and harmony in our major cities.

And to that I can only reply with two words:  Utter.  Horseshit.  The greedy, mean and stupid will always be greedy, mean and stupid.