Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

Thanks as always to The Other McCainThe Other McCain, Pirate’s Cove, Whores and Ale and Bacon Time for the Rule Five links!  No regular news post today, just some brief thoughts and an image from our trip from the Denver area to (so far) Dawson Creek, British Columbia.

We have a long ways to go yet, so brevity is the order of the day, I’m afraid.  So far, in two days, we’ve spent almost twenty-eight hours in the truck.  Saturday saw us from the Denver area all the way to Shelby, Montana, just a few miles short of the Canadian border.   On Sunday, we crossed into Canada, spent two hours (!) at Customs establishing our bona fides, then drove as far as Dawson Creek, British Columbia, which has us at the southern terminus of the Alaska Highway.  Tomorrow’s goal is Watson Lake in the Yukon, assuming we hit no bad weather or other delays it’s a long day but doable.

It’s an interesting drive, but the really interesting part is just beginning.  Watch this space for more.  Meanwhile, here’s  a shot of the vast plains of Alberta.  More tomorrow.