Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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Moving on:  Here in Colorado’s 6th Congressional District we’re represented by a Democrat, Jason Crow, which means folks like Mrs. Animal and yr. obdt. have little or no representation on issues that we feel strongly about – and, to be fair, that’s how the game is played.  But the 3rd District, which encompasses much of the Western Slope, now is represented by Rep. Lauren Boebert, who won her election handily and is already shaking up the Imperial City.  Aspen’s own Glenn K. Beaton has some thoughts on that.  Excerpt:

Lauren Boebert is a petite 33-year old wife and mother of four boys. She gave birth to the third in the front seat of their pickup. She holds a GED in place of a high school diploma. Until last week, she’d never been to Washington, DC. She carries a Glock sidearm. (It’s a very fine piece, though I personally prefer my Beretta 9 mm, in stainless of course).

She’s also the newly elected congresswoman representing us here in Aspen and the rest of western Colorado. To get elected, she first had to beat a five-term GOP congressman in the primary. There was nothing wrong with that congressman.

But there’s a lot right about Ms. Boebert. In fact, the New York Times calls her “hard right” which is good enough for me. (To the Times, of course, anyone who votes Republican is “hard right” in contrast to their “moderate right” columnists who vote for Democrats. By the way, when’s the last time they called anyone “hard left”?)

Boebert’s occupation has been to help run the family business in a town called, naturally, Rifle. That family business is a small restaurant called “Shooters Grill” where guns are worn by not just Boebert but also the waitresses.

She’s never held elected office but now that Colorado has elected her to the United States House of Representatives, Boebert and her Glock are going to Washington. She’ll take her piece inside the Capitol Building, which is discouraged but allowed for representatives.

Some years ago, one of Colorado’s Senators was a fellow named Ben Nighthorse Campbell, a member of the Northern Cheyenne nation who switched from Democrat to Republican, claiming as others have that he didn’t leave the early Nineties-era Democrats but rather than they “left him.”  He had a ponytail and rode a Harley, and was roundly criticized for going on a March of Dimes fundraising run with the Hell’s Angels.  He didn’t give a shit.  My reaction at the time was that the U.S. Senate needed more guys with ponytails who rode Harleys, and I supported Campbell pretty enthusiastically.

And were I in her district, I’d support Mrs. Boebert the same way.  The Imperial City is for the better with a Glock-toting, GED-packing Western Slope restaurateur who proudly proclaims that she and her husband are “…raising their four sons to be men.”

This is diversity, folks.  Not the shallow, stupid claim of diversity of melanin content – diversity of background, outlook and ideas.

I will watch Lauren Boebert’s career with great interest, even after our pending move north.