Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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And so, just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any more screwed up, this happened.  Of course we wish the President and First Lady (and all others affected by this, including Hope Hicks and apparently several White House press types, along with a couple of Senators) a speedy and full recovery.

Here are a number of stories from a variety of sources:

Trump and COVID at 74 – What to Know

On Testing Positive and Trump’s Fighting Spirit

The President goes to Walter Reed for observation.  Certainly the prudent thing to do.

The LA Times proves they are hateful pricks.

Groper Joe actually showed a little class about the whole thing.

So here’s the question:  How will all this affect the election?  One would think that the diagnosis might gen up a little sympathy support for the President, but I’m skeptical of that; not in today’s climate.

This has been a very polarized election year, after all.  The Democrats, loaded down with Trump Derangement Syndrome, have reacted to their 2016 loss by running harder left – progressivism loses them elections except in a few deep-blue cities, so they react by progging harder – but they have useful idiots in the media carrying a lot of water for them, and that’s a damned useful in-kind campaign contribution.

Add to that the fact that most folk’s minds are made up by now, and in fact in plenty of places early voting and mail-in balloting is already going on.

In the end I doubt this will make much difference.  If it does, on the margins, it may tip a few votes the President’s way, especially if he quickly recovers his usual vigor.  And I expect he will.

We have three months left in this bizarre year, True Believers.  Hunker down, because there’s plenty of time for more weird shit to happen.