Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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Now then; it turns out the FBI knew about the Epstein issue for some time, knew of some Big Names involved, and they did nothing.  Excerpt:

Well, last night they were unsealed. The Jeffrey Epstein-Ghislaine Maxwell documents were unsealed. There (is) some new stuff, some old stuff, but frankly, most of the creepy allegations that you already knew were further corroborated. We have witness statements. We have emails allegedly sent between Epstein and Maxwell, where the former coaches her in how to deny the allegations lobbed against him. Maxwell, as noted in other reports, appears to be a key player in this alleged child trafficking scheme. She’s the one who allegedly orders these underage girls to give erotic massages. And yes, Bill Clinton is named in these documents as someone who was on Epstein’s island with Maxwell, and two young girls. Remember, these are merely allegations, but there’s a lot of smoke here. Enough to indict Epstein before his suicide, another event engulfed in controversy.

Alan Dershowitz, a renowned liberal attorney, is also named in these documents. I’ll let you read the allegations against him. What’s new is that it appears the Federal Bureau of Investigation were quite privy to the creepy allegations and activities that surrounded Mr. Epstein—and they did nothing about it. In 2014, they were in contact with an alleged victim and did nothing. One victim even contacted the FBI to see if they could turn over the items seized from Epstein’s property to assist in her civil case. One of the victims who came forward is featured in a picture with Prince Andrew and Maxwell. The FBI had their own file on this for years, even before the bureau interview the alleged victim in 2011. The plea deal is also included. It seems it went ahead before federal authorities had interviewed all of Epstein’s alleged victims.

One has to wonder how many other names will come out of this document dump before all is said and done.

But, even so:  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; none of the major players in this deal will face any serious consequences.  Equal treatment under the law is effectively a dead letter in this country and has been for some time.  Sure, these document dumps are embarrassing for some folks that thought this was going away after Epstein was suicided.

Embarrassing is as embarrassing does, though.  And if anyone thinks, say, Bill Clinton will face any legal repercussions from any of this, well, they’ve got another think coming.  He won’t – not when he’s 1) a former President and b) has the magical talisman of a “D” after his name.

Honestly, I’m skeptical even of the embarrassment factor where Clinton is concerned.  His history in public life seems to indicate an extremely limited capacity for embarrassment.