Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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Groper Joe may have bigger problems than creeping senility.  Excerpt:

New evidence to support the sexual assault claim against presumed Democratic nominee Joe Biden, from former aide to then-Senator Biden, Tara Reade, surfaced on Friday. Reade alleged that her former boss assaulted her in an encounter in the United States Capitol, during her tenure working in Biden’s Senate office.

Reade’s allegation has brought silence from Democrats and members of the mainstream media, who crucified Brett Kavanaugh on account of less credible allegations of sexual misconduct less than two years ago.

While Democrats hope to drag Biden over the presidential finish line in November without having to answer questions about any misconduct, new evidence to back up Tara Reade’s claims surfaced. A “Larry King Live” clip from 1993 shows that Reade’s mother called into the show to seek advice for her daughter who had problems while working in a prominent senator’s office. The Intercept originally reported the transcript, and Reade confirmed her mother’s identity in the call, per Fox News:

What’s amazing here is the sound-of-crickets from the legacy media.

Of course, as the linked article points out, Groper Joe is entitled to a presumption of innocence and due process, just like anyone.  But what’s funny here is the (obvious) comparison with the 2016 Trump campaign and the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, with the accompanying cries of “Believe Her!” no matter how many holes there were in her story.

Tara Reade’s claim has one thing that the others lacked, of course – contemporary, corroborating evidence.

There is, of course, no requirement for a presumption of innocence or due process in a political campaign.  And daffy old Joe, who was at best a third-rater, is now, as a presumptive Presidential nominee, the textbook definition of a fencepost tortoise:

  1. He didn’t get there by himself,
  2. He doesn’t belong there,
  3. It’s only a matter of time before someone knocks his dumb ass off.

Honestly, you’d think that one of the nation’s two major political parties could find someone better than this.