Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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Senator/Princess Spreading Bull Warren has a plan to revamp the nation’s voting system.  In this as in many other things, she’s full of more shit than a Christmas goose.  Excerpts, with my comments:

The proposed plan calls for $4 billion in new elections funding, 30 days of required early voting and a mail-in ballot to be sent to every registered voter in the country. It was published Tuesday morning, the same day as the controversial Wisconsin primary, which saw thousands of voters disregarding health guidance to wait in line at polling stations.

It wouldn’t be too hard to ensure some level of “social distancing” at most polling places.  Establish enough space for people to line up six feet apart.  There would be some trick to obtaining enough material to sanitize stations between voters, I suppose.

“The chaos and the attempt to suppress the vote in Wisconsin should be a wake-up call for the United States Congress,” Warren said in an interview with NPR. “We need to act immediately.”

Suppress the vote, my middle-aged white ass.  In the first place, Liawatha Warren hasn’t any damn room to criticize the integrity of any other person or institution made up of people; not after her serial lies to Harvard and the Texas State Bar, attempting to ride the back of a non-existent Indian ancestor to bolster her career.  In the second, this was about a state court ruling on something the Governor simply doesn’t have the constitutional authority to do.

Republicans, and some Democrats at the state level, have long opposed federal mandates on voting administration, arguing that it’s up to the states to run their own elections. But Warren disagrees; the voting plan she released while she was still running for president, for instance, called for a “uniform federal ballot” and federal voting machines.

Of course, the Constitution makes no provision for such laws.  The Congress can make changes by statute to the regulations for electing Representatives and Senators, but the management of elections has been reserved to the states, and that’s as it should be.

Federalism is still supposedly a thing, after all; the United States is not a democracy, fever dreams of Heap Big Chieftess Warren aside; it’s a Federal Republic.

But here’s the deal:  Princess Fauxcohantas is as she has been, a bomb-throwing harridan with no real pull in Congress or anywhere else.  She couldn’t even pull out a Presidential primary win in her own state; her place in American politics is to be a foil to the daffy old Bolshevik from Vermont.  Her “initiative” on voting, like most of her efforts, are somewhere between a joke and a waste of time.