Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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Meanwhile: Over at National Review, national treasure Dr. Victor Davis Hanson weighs in on the ill-advised House Democrat’s impeachment push.  Excerpt:

Scary references abound to the supposed laws that the legal-eagle whistleblower believes were violated. In sum, there is all the usual evidence of an administrative-state bureaucrat, likely to be some third-tier Brennan or Clapper-like intelligence operative, who is canvassing disgruntled White House staffers, writing a report that imitates intelligence-department formats, combing the Internet, in “dream-team” and “all-star” footnote fashion, for scare quotes and anti-Trump stories, and then likely having it dressed up in legalese by an activist lawyer. Take all that away, and one is left with “I heard.”

After nearly three years of this, we know the delivery system that ensues. Along with the sensationalized initial media hype, the promised “smoking gun” leak usually follows. But when the “overwhelming” evidence or “walls are closing in” documents are released, there is no criminal act to be found other than occasional art-of-the-deal bluster from Trump. And then on to the next crude coup attempt, since the line of wannabe Glen Simpsons, Bruce Ohrs, Andrew McCabes, and John Brennans seems endless.

The real victim of this affair won’t be President Trump.  It may well be daffy old Uncle Joe Biden.   Anyone who thinks the Bidens weren’t up to some shenanigans whilst old Joe was playing second fiddle to President Obama just hasn’t been paying attention.  Joe did a lot of traveling around the world while he was filling the role of VP, and unlike Lyndon Johnson, the Biden family found that the job was worth a whole lot more than a bucket of warm spit.  Daffy old Groper Joe’s son Hunter seemed to follow Joe around the planet collecting bags of cash, and here’s the thing about impeachment:  If the House votes to impeach, and they may well do so, the the Senate is obliged to hold a trial – which will never result in a 2/3 vote to eject President Trump.  But in that trial, all the gloves come off – the President’s team can call anyone from anywhere and question them about anything.

Some bright lights will be shone in some dark corners here, True Believers.  You can bet on that.

Dr. Hanson concludes:

Biden will get snappy, befuddled, and indignant to questions, to the extent he will even entertain them — all the while losing ground to Elizabeth Warren. Trump will be the eventual beneficiary of Warren’s more likely and more alienating candidacy. And, even if impeached, Trump will be perceived, rightly or wrongly, as growing stronger for enduring ever shriller and more monotonous attacks.

As usual, Dr. Hanson nails it.