Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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Moving along:  You can’t make this stuff up.  Excerpt:

The billionaire creators of Google have invited a who’s who of A-list names— including former President Barack Obama, Prince Harry, Leonardo DiCaprio and Katy Perry — to the Sicilian seaside for a mega-party they’ve dubbed Google Camp.

The three-day event will focus on fighting climate change — though it’s unknown how much time the attendees will spend discussing their own effect on the environment, such as the scores of private jets they arrived in and the mega yachts many have been staying on.

“Everything is about global warming, that is the major topic this year,” a source told The Post.

Their three-day summer camp will cost the tech giant some $20 million, sources said.

But here’s the giggle line:

But according to Italian press reports, the attendees were expected to show up in 114 private jets, and 40 had arrived by Sunday.

The Post crunched the numbers and found that 114 flights from Los Angeles to Palermo, Italy, where Camp guests landed, would spew an estimated 100,000 kilograms of CO2 into the air.

“Google Camp is meant to be a place where influential people get together to discuss how to make the world better,” one regular attendee told The Post.

But that’s not all!  It gets better:

Stars there also include Harry Styles, Orlando Bloom, Diane von Furstenberg and Barry Diller, who arrived on their enormous $200 million yacht Eos, which has both sails and two 2,300-horsepower diesel engines.

Billionaire Dreamworks founder David Geffen, meanwhile, gave Perry and Bloom a ride on his $400 million yacht, Rising Sun.

Also on hand for the environmental gabfest was the megayacht Andromeda, a 351-foot behemoth owned by a New Zealand billionaire and which features its own helipad.

Many of the attendees were seen in photos tooling around the island in high-speed sports vehicles, including Perry, who has made videos for UNICEF about climate change and was seen in a Maserati SUV that gets about 15 mpg city.

This, True Believers, is a stunning display of “lifestyle-destroying regulations for thee but not for me.”  These wealthy watermelons (green on the outside, red on the inside) have no intention of stinting their own fast-paced, jet-setting luxury lifestyles to address “climate change.”  They do, however, want you to do without air conditioning and to drive a shoebox of a hybrid vehicle.

This kind of staggering hypocrisy is not unique to the attendees here, of course; as evidence, witness that Congress routinely exempts themselves from laws and regulations they foist on us, their employers.  But this case is especially egregious – the ostentatious, don’t-give-a-single-fuck display of private jets and mega-yachts by people showing up to wring their hands over excess use of fossil fuels.

I wonder if anyone in the legacy media will ever corner one of these nitwits and ask them about this stunning display of hypocrisy?