Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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Lots of folks are bending a lot of brain cells trying to guess what tomorrow’s elections are going to give us in Congress for the next two years.  I’m not going to go there.  Predictions are hard to make, especially when they’re about the future, so I’m not going to bother myself over much with guesses.  While the Senate looks to remain in GOP hands, the Democrats will either take the House or they won’t.  If they do, then look for two years of complete gridlock in the Imperial City (silver lining?) and non-stop RHEEEEEE about President Trump, with every investigation and subpoena they can throw at him and his people.  I will hazard this guess; if the Dems end up running the house, especially given some of the expected committee chairs (Maxine Waters?  Really?) they’ll overstep badly, make complete horse’s asses of themselves, and will get handed their butts in 2020.

Meanwhile, we’ll continue to get decent judicial appointments and foreign affairs, especially trade deals, will crank along unexpected by whatever shitshow manifests itself in the House.

PJMedia columnist Rick Moran thinks the Dems may – just may – have already blown the deal.  Excerpt:

But while turnout in early voting has seen a modest rise in some constituencies, it has been nearly offset by greater than expected Republican enthusiasm. It may be that on Election Day, the polls will be swamped with blacks and Hispanics and a couple of dozen House and Senate races will be flipped, but it would be unprecedented.

The polls just aren’t showing a massive GOP blowout. The Democrats may, indeed, take control of the House. But if it’s by more than a handful of seats, it will be an upset.

That’s what I call hedging your bets.

Anyway, we’ll find out on Wednesday.  No matter what happens, for the most part, the world and our nation will just keep on ticking.