Goodbye, Blue Monday

Auf Wiedersehen, Blauer Montag!

Thanks once again to Pirate’s Cove and The Other McCain for the Rule Five links.  And speaking of Rule Five – since this is October (and, yes, I know Oktoberfests usually happen in September) each post this month will feature some torrid Teutonic totty, because I said so.  So there.  Note that Saturday Gingermageddons will remain as usual, though, as I wasn’t able to find enough hot redheads in dirndls to make up a full month.

Moving right along:  One of the more fun parts of the traveling life is getting to find neat outdoor areas to explore.  Now New Jersey isn’t known for being an outdoorsman’s paradise, but there are some neat places to wander, one of them being the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge up near Morristown.  Mrs. Animal and I explored there yesterday, on a gorgeous sunny Sunday morning.  Photos follow.  Enjoy!