Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

Thanks as always to Pirate’s Cove and The Other McCain for the Rule Five links!

Meanwhile, nutty old Dame Pelosi is continuing her long, strange descent into senility.  Excerpt:

We’ve all gotten tongue tied, and had verbal slips now and again. But this?

While attacking Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Pelosi had trouble saying “effectively.”

“His kowtowing to the president, esffect, esffectively saying…” she said.

Moments later, while attacking the Trump tax cut, she said, “…the GOP tax scam for the rich that added 2 children dollars more” to the deficit.

Pelosi suffered more speech problems as she was criticizing Trump.

“The president said he was going to move for negotiation, ‘I’m going to nego— negotiate,’ what was it,” she asked a staffer. “Like crazy,” she continued after prompting.

“Families across America are getting a raw deal from the Republicans. Democrats are pres— prosing a better deal,” she said.

After having trouble saying “Tienanmen” Square, she confused America’s adversaries.

“Instead of empowering the Russians, excuse me the Chinese in this case, instead of empowering the Chinese to, um,” she said, suffering a brain freeze, “hurt our industries,” she continued.

Moments later, she confused the countries again.

Talking about the trade deficit, she said, “It’s 80% of our products going into Russia— China, it just is, it’s just wrong.”

The question isn’t whether Pelosi can handle the speakership if Dems retake the House. She can’t. The question is who will be behind the scenes pulling the dummy’s strings. Her mouth may move but the words will be someone else’s.

One wonders just how incompetent you have to be before someone from your own party quietly takes you aside and says, “Nancy, bubby, you’re hurting.  Not helping . You need to retire.  Now.”  While they’re at it, someone from the Democrats needs to have the same talk with Maxine Waters.  And, just to be fair, the GOP needs to send someone to talk to John McCain; full props for his long service, but he’s battling a terminal condition and can’t even show up for votes.  It’s time for him to retire and let a replacement be named until the next election.

This is a problem you get when you have career politicians in the Imperial City, not citizen-legislators who serve for a while and then go back to the real world.  These people are so ingrained that they think the seats they hold belong to them, not to the voters, and they feel entitled to stay in them no matter how senile, how deluded they become.

Need another good argument for a term-limits amendment?  Just look at Nancy Pelosi.