Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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Moving on: When first I cast my optics on this piece, I thought it had to be a gag; but no.  Someone really has made an M1 Garand in the .458 Winchester.  Holy crap!  Excerpt:

Back in early 2000’s, McCann Industries (known for their M1 Garand Gas Trap Adjuster) manufactured an M1 Garand in .458 Winchester Magnum. Not made anymore after the passing of McCann’s primary gunsmith, the rifles are a fine example of ingenuity and practicality applied to big-game hunting.

At first, I flinched just thinking about it, but the few videos of it shooting shed some light on how this big-game cartridge is tamed. While the base rifle was identical, McCann added an aggressive muzzle brake and a mercury cylinder to the stock to absorb and deflect the recoil.

While I haven’t heard of any catastrophic failures of these guns, I’m a little concerned about the conversion of a gun specifically designed for one and only one cartridge, that being the time-honored old .30 USG, Model of 1906.

Having messed with a few military Mauser conversion – my favorite hunting piece, Thunder Speaker, is one such – I know the issues that can arise when converting the standard Mauser/.30-06 case head to a magnum case head in an action.  It involves removing metal from the bolt face; such conversions also involve removing metal from feed ramps and sometimes even receiver rings.

I’m not up enough on the M1 action to know what this conversion entails.  But boy howdy, would I want to be careful with one of these.  It would no doubt make an impressive thumper, and I stand by my conviction that you can shoot little stuff with a big gun but you can’t shoot big stuff with a little gun.

But holy crap.  Holy crap.