Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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Some people are just too stupid for words.  Excerpt:

These people — all millennials — are told by Ami that there is starvation and horror in Venezuela. Yet all of these people still think it’s better for everyone to be struggling for survival than for any single person to amass more than anyone else.

I used to think that socialists were just jealous. They looked at a Bill Gates or a Warren Buffett or even a Donald Trump, and thought: “It’s not right that they have that and I don’t.”

But these people indicate that they understand how horrible things are in Venezuela. That starvation was normal. And yet they still see that outcome as preferable to liberty, which has produced the highest baseline standard of living humanity has ever seen.

Typical socialists are not misguided fools or “useful idiots.” They are not simply besotted with the ideology, picturing everyone living in middle-class homes if only we would adopt their plans. Nope. This is pure and simple evil. We knew the ideology was evil, but understanding that people will suffer and die and still supporting it points to the person being filled with evil as well.

I recently ran across a comment bemoaning the fact that, pre-Maduro/Chavez, the poverty rate in Venezuela was almost 60%.  My first thought was in line with the observations above:  ‘Are things better now that the poverty rate is 99%?’

Of course not.

But socialism is, at its heart, the equal sharing of misery.  Apparently the brain-dead twits interviewed in the linked article prefer that equal sharing of misery to the equal sharing of opportunity.

But I think the article discounts the jealousy factor.  There are indeed a certain percentage of would-be socialists are motivated by envy, and there are plenty of pols who pander to that envy; both groups favor using the power of government to take property from those who have earned it to give it to those who have not.

Whatever the motivation, socialism is the name, and Venezuela is the inevitable result.