Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

Thanks as always to Pirate’s Cove and The Other McCain for the Rule Five links.

Another early flight back to loony San Fran awaits so I am forced to some brevity this morning, but I have to comment on the horror that is fundamentalist Islam and its latest atrocity – in London.  Excerpt:

Following the third terrorist attack in three months Mrs May defiantly confirmed Thursday’s General Election will go ahead and issued a warning to jihadis and those who harbour them as she said “things need to change”.

After chairing a Cobra meeting she said: “It is time to say enough is enough. Everybody needs to go about their lives as they normally would. Our society should continue to function in accordance with our values.

“But when it comes to taking on extremism and terrorism, things need to change.

“While we have made significant progress in recent years there is, to be frank, far too much tolerance of extremism in our country.

“So we need to become far more robust in identifying it and stamping it out – across the public sector and across society.

“That will require some difficult and often embarrassing conversations, but the whole of our country needs to come together to take on this extremism.”

So, PM May, this is what it took for you to say ‘enough is enough?’  Manchester wasn’t enough?  Westminster?  Leytonstone Tube Station?  Lee Rigby?  The London Underground?


Britain – the once and former Great Britain – has been putting up with this crap ever since they decided to allow unchecked and largely unscreened immigration from the Middle East and North Africa.  Now, whether the British people realize it or not, they are at war, and today’s Britain is not the same Britain it was in 1941.

Maybe this latest atrocity will galvanize England.  Maybe it will galvanize all of Europe.   Maybe it will even galvanize the peaceful, moderate Muslims who are so conspicuously quiet after each attack.

But recent history forces us to conclude otherwise.  Europe is dying, not with a bang but with a whimper.  An old, tired, non-procreating whimper.