Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

First up, thanks as always to Pirate’s Cove for the Rule Five links!

Second, all of us here at the Casa de Animal hope all you True Believers had a great Christmas.

A short post today with naught but some musings, as:

1) Today is a day off for much of the country, as Christmas this year fell on a Sunday.  This leads to a slow news day.  And,

b) I’m still on the post-Christmas lag and feeling a bit lazy.

So, what’s 2017 looking like?  Well, for me, it will probably be more travel, as usual.  Possibilities include Japan (again); California, in the Bay Area to be specific; North Carolina, and maybe northern Indiana.

Of the lot, I’d have to say I’d like North Carolina best, but with two daughters still in college, these days I jump with the first gig to offer me a contract.

What’s 2017 looking like for America?  Well, on January 20th, we get a new President; The Donald has been busy putting together a sort of League of Champions to work in his administration.  There has been some whining from the Left and from the professional bureaucracy about all the “rich people” Trump is bringing in; one wonders how a retinue of failures would somehow be preferable.

Draining the swamp is still a big priority.  The problem is it’s a big damn swamp, and will take lots of draining.

It’s going to be an interesting year.