Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!
Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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Another Monday – and with it, perhaps, the end of the presidential aspirations of Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I?  Friday’s statement by FBI Director Comey that he was re-opening the Clinton email investigation due to new information was a gobsmacker!  Here are some tidbits:

Clinton email problem resurfaces as FBI announces review.

This one from the Wall Street Journal:  FBI in Internal Feud Over Hillary Clinton Probe – laptop may contain thousands of messages sent to or from private server.

Oh, and apparently the resignation letters from pissed-off FBI agents were beginning to pile up.

3 competing theories on why the FBI re-opened the Hillary email server investigation.

Just the Facts, Ma’am.

Anger, disbelief in Clinton camp.


I’ll bet that last link, the one about anger and disbelief in the Clinton camp, is 100% spot on.  I’m sure Her Imperial Majesty thought they had put all this stuff behind them – I mean, laws on the handling of secure information are just for the commoners, right?

I can just imagine Huma Abedin asking the Dowager Empress “…how could you be so stupid?” Well, the answer to that is simple; for several decades, there has been no outrage the Clintons could commit that was too stupendous to be excused by the Democratic Party, the chattering Left and the legacy media.  But that may, eight days before the election, have finally changed.

My theory:  There have, for some time, been rumblings of discontent among the rank and file in the FBI regarding Director Comey’s dismissal of any possible charges last July.  It was a staggering thing to hear.  Director Comey clearly laid out all the ways in which Her Imperial Majesty was careless, reckless and how she broke Imperial statutes with regards to handling secure information.  He hung his hat on the lack of “intent,” even though there was ample evidence of tampering, evasion and destruction of evidence.

Now those chickens may have come home to roost; Director Comey may have been reacting to threats of massive leaks from his subordinate.  Given the choice of destroying his own career and destroying Her Royal Highness… Well, it’s beginning to look like he chose himself.

BearLaughing1Will this affect the election?  It may well be too close.  But if Her Imperial Majesty goes on to win the election, she begins her Presidency horribly wounded, her credibility destroyed, and with zero mandate for anything she wants from the moment she sets foot in the Imperial Mansion.

And, yes, schadenfreude is the operative term.  Yes, yes it is.