Goodbye, Blue Monday!

Goodbye, Blue Monday!
Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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Her Royal Highness Hillary I has an NSA problem.  Related to the email issue, but maybe bigger.  Key excerpt:

…if DoJ declines to prosecute after the Bureau recommends doing so, a leak-fest of a kind not seen in Washington, D.C., since Watergate should be anticipated. The FBI would be angry that its exhaustive investigation was thwarted by dirty deals between Democrats. In that case, a great deal of Clintonian dirty laundry could wind up in the hands of the press, habitual mainstream media covering for the Clintons notwithstanding, perhaps having a major impact on the presidential race this year.

Neither is the FBI the only powerful Federal agency that Hillary Clinton needs to worry about as she plots her path to the White House between scandals and leaks. For years, she has been on the bad side of the National Security Agency, America’s most important intelligence agency, as revealed by just-released State Department documents obtained by Judicial Watch under the Freedom of Information Act.

Read the whole thing.  It’s a telling tale of Her Majesty’s “rules are for the little people” attitude, well documented during her tenure as First Lady and documented many times since.  as one NSA security worker states:

“It was the usual Clinton prima donna stuff,” (the worker) explained, “the whole ‘rules are for other people’ act that I remembered from the Nineties.” Why Ms. Clinton would not simply check her personal email on an office computer, like every other government employee less senior than the president, seems a germane question, given what a major scandal EmailGate turned out to be. “What did she not want put on a government system, where security people might see it?” the former NSA official asked, adding, “I wonder now, and I sure wish I’d asked about it back in 2009.”

Excellent BearTo say this “may have an impact” on the Presidential election this year is something of an understatement.  If Her Highness is indicted, she’s toast.  If the FBI recommends and indictment and the DoJ refuses to indict, the resulting scandal and leak-fest will make Watergate look like a three-year old stealing a stick of gum from the corner store – or, at least, it should.

It’s way past time we as a nation stopped putting up with this kind of behavior from elected and appointed officials.  That’s part of Donald Trump’s message.  And Her Majesty’s shenanigans are one of the main reasons his message has the appeal it does.