Animal’s Red Thursday News

Of course, we arrived back home in the Susitna Valley just in time for a cold snap.  About 5 below last night again, and a high in the low teens today.  At least it’s not snowing. But tomorrow is the first of March when we start to see the first thawing – spring is on the way!

Now then…

My RedState Stuff:

China ‘Pandas’ to United States With Furry Ambassadors

Benjamin Netanyahu Unveils Plan for Post-Hamas Gaza

D.C. Mayor Funding Trips to Miami for the Poor

HORROR: Joe Biden Advises White House Aides About Sex

CPAC 2024: An Informal Survey of Uber Drivers

Biden Praises Newsom: The Blind Leading the Stupid

Joe Biden Frustrated With Media for Telling the Truth: He’s Losing It

Look Up ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ in the Dictionary, and You Will Find Bob Costas

Venezuela Refusing to Accept Deportations From US, Mexico

Taylor Swift Fan? You’re Racist! But Only Slightly.

Venezuelan Immigrant Brags About Sponging Off American Taxpayers, Urges Support for Times Square Shooter

Battle for the Great Land: Alaska Republicans Gunning for At-Large House Seat

Donald Trump Lays Blame for Laken Riley’s Death Squarely on President Biden’s Doorstep

Lauren Boebert’s Electoral Woes Increasing Apace

A Big Year for the Last Frontier: Mary Peltola, Voting Records and Ranked-Choice

Student Loans: Has Joe Biden Ushered in a Constitutional Crisis by Defying Supreme Court?

Muslim Chicago Cop Claims ‘White Privilege’ Holding Him Back, Sues City to Change Race

Federal Judge: Biden Admin ‘Ghost Gun’ Ban Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Is 2024 Trump’s Election to Lose? Looking at the State of the Race: Trump Vs. Biden

VIP Pieces (Paywalled)

Reflections on Arlington National Cemetery, and Those We Have Lost

OUTRAGE: Riley Gaines Was Assaulted by a Mob at a California University, and They Are Now Ignoring It

Sunday Gun Day XXXI – The History of Bolt Guns, Part III

CPAC 2024: Photographs and Memories

The ‘Alaska Man’ Games – Why Should Florida Have All the Fun?

California Legislature Nitwittery: Assembly Members Would Mandate Training for ‘Trans/Nonbinary’ Births

Photographs and Memories: Prices and the Good Old Days

Other Stories:

Jeff Charles:  Texas Home Intruder Finds Out What Happens When You Bring a Hammer to a Gunfight

 Nick Arama: Biden Is Going to the Border Again, but the Border Patrol Union Completely Levels Him in Response

Bob Hoge: Trump Appeals $450M NY State Fraud Judgment, Calls Out ‘Fake Political Prosecutions’

Susie Moore: The More We Learn About the Alleged Murderer of GA Nursing Student, the Worse It Gets

Brad Slager: The Facts Behind the Death of a Trans Student in Oklahoma Exposes the Activist Media, Once Again

Andrew Malcolm:  The Terrifyingly Wonderful Day I Drove an Indy Car