Animal’s Red Thursday News

CCPAC is… interesting.  More on that in a regular post next week. But today, now today will be interesting for a different reason; this afternoon, I’ll be going with some colleagues out to Arlington to see a wreath being laid on the Tomb of the Unknown.  I’ve seen it on television, and our second daughter, during her middle-school class trip to DC, was one of two kids selected to place a similar wreath, which made us very proud.  This time I get to see it in person, and I predict a moving experience; I’m looking forward to it.

With that to look forward to, let’s move on to the links!

My RedState Stuff:

United Nations Agency for Palestinians (UNRWA) Is Going Broke. Let It.

NEW: No Charges Yet Filed in Kansas City Super Bowl Shooting

Israeli Special Forces Raid Gaza’s Nasser Hospital After Multi-Day Siege

White House Confirms Russia Has ‘Troubling’ Emerging Anti-Satellite Weapon

NEW: Joe Manchin Not Running for President

Remember When Democrats Loved the 25th Amendment?

Valdez, Alaska to Gain Statue of Famous Resident, Born in 2335: One William T. Riker

Government Bureaucrats Could Use ‘Kill Switch’ to Stop People From Driving Because… Reasons

Texas Boy Killed in Hit-and-Run Accident by Illegal Alien Who Was Previously Deported 5 Times

Trump Sparks Reactions With Introduction of Gold Trump Sneakers

Biden Administration Hoses Alaska on Dept. of Transportation-Required Highway Plan

Dump Biden? Poll Says Yes, If Dems Want to Win the White House

Greg Abbott: Texas Has the Right to Defend Its Own Border

COLLAPSE: Oakland Business Owner Says Crime Epidemic ‘Worst I’ve Ever Seen It’

Sports, Great Land Edition: The 2024 Iron Dog Race

Biden Admin ‘Bed-Wetting’ Frustrating Democrats

‘Tired’ of Government Overreach? Don’t Go to Washington

AOC (Self-Awareness Rating, Zero) Slams Spending on NYC Dance Team After Calling for Defunding Police

World’s Biggest Snake! 24-Foot, 440-Pound Anaconda Found in Amazon

SCOTUS Declines High School Affirmative Action Case; Alito, Thomas Issue Scorching Dissent

If China Invades Taiwan, Could They Even Take It, Much Less Hold it?

Becoming an American the Right Way About to Cost a Lot More. Coming in Illegally Still Free.

SAD: Texas Girl, 11, Found Dead in Trinity River, Murder Suspect Identified

Democratic California State Senator Steven Bradford Proposes Raiding Economic Relief Fund for Reparations

Arizona Prosecutor Refuses to Extradite Suspected Killer to NY: Doesn’t Trust Bragg to Prosecute

VIP Pieces (paywalled)

WATCH: ‘Climate Change’ Protestors Pour Pink Powder on Constitution, Spout Nonsense

Hoo-Ah! Some Military Traditions, Customs and Practices Civilians Find Weird – or Even Alarming

Census Bureau Ponders How to Ask About Sex

Chinese Co. to Raze Trees to Build Michigan EV Battery Plant, Claims Locals Spreading ‘Misinformation’

Sunday Gun Day XXX – the History of Bolt Guns, Part II

American LGBTQ+ People Don’t Know How Good They Have It. They Should Try Zimbabwe.

Putin’s Russia Tackles the ‘My Little Pony’ Threat

OUTRAGE: HS Boy Roleplaying As Girl on Basketball Court Injures 3 Girls on Opposing Team

COVID Vaccines Linked to Heart, Brain, Blood Disorders

Reflections on Travel: What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

Other Stories:

Mike Miller: Hillary Concocts Scary Tale, Claims Trump Will Pull the US Out of NATO If He Wins the Election

Ben Kew:  ‘He Speaks in Gibberish’: Yet Another Liberal Thought Leader Demands Biden Drops Out  and Forget the National Debt – Most of America’s Big Cities Are Broke

Jeff Charles:  Sick: Anti-Gunners Use AI-Generated Audio of School Shooting Victims’ Voices to Push Gun Control

Nick Arama: John Oliver Tries Silly Effort to ‘Bribe’ Clarence Thomas, but Mic Drop Response Just Levels Him

Bob Hoge: Michigan: Please Pick Up Illegals at Airport, Find Housing, Enroll Kids in School, and Find Them Job