Animal’s Red Thursday News

It’s been kind of a weird news week.  Busy, but scattered.  Productive, but feels like I’ve left stuff lying on the table.

Well, take a look at the links, and see for yourself.

Speaking of…

My RedState Stuff:

Unbelievable: Biden to Target Israeli West Bank Settlers

Alzheimer’s Disease Found to Be Spread by Medical Procedure From Decades Ago

Far From Home: Kodiak Bear Cubs Found Wandering Florida

STRUCK DOWN! California Background Check for Ammo Purchase Violates 2nd Amendment

Far From Home: Kodiak Bear Cubs Found Wandering Florida

Happy Groundhog Day – May We All Enjoy an Early Spring!

Where’s the Beef? Drought, Rising Costs Driving US Beef Production to Record Lows

Speaker Johnson Says What We Are All Thinking: Joe Biden Isn’t the Guy in Charge

New Details: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Shells Out $6M to Close Discrimination Lawsuit

Alaskan Troops Heading to the Border: National Guard to Support Efforts at Southern Border

Self-Awareness Rating: Zero. Chicago City Council Passes Resolution Calling for End to Violence in Gaza

Survey: Italian Replaces French As Europe’s Sexiest Language

China’s Economic Downward Spiral Continues Apace

Repelled by Force: Texas Representative Introduces Bill to Allow National Guard to Engage Armed Invaders

Ann Coulter: To Help Bring America Back, the Best Thing Trump Could Do Is Die

Schumer’s Bane: Senate Majority Looks Unlikely for Democrats After November

Yes, Really: American Porn Star Travels to Tehran, Lectures Iranian Women on Modesty

Colorado Activists Pushing Ballot Initiative to Ban Hunting of Mountain Lions

Biden Faces Electoral Peril From His Left, From His Support From Israel, But Mostly From Himself

Britain Can’t Even Protect Its Own From Islamist Threats—MP Steps Down Citing Danger to Personal Safety

Tucker Carlson to Interview Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin

BREAKING: Articles of Impeachment for Alejandro Mayorkas Fail to Pass the House

Pay Raise Fight at Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: Big Raises for Execs, Bupkis for Workers

‘Woke Kindergarten’ Education Consultant: Kookoo for Cocoa Puffs

Senate GOP Says ‘No’ on ‘Bipartisan’ Border Bill

BREAKING: Drone Strike Kills Iranian-Backed Militia Commander Involved in Attack That Killed 3 US Troops

Answers to Questions You Never Asked: Trout Gonads Can Cure Baldness?

VIP Stuff (Pay-walled):

Greta Thunberg Reappears, Bundled Against the London Chill, to Remind Everyone Who the ‘Real Enemy’ Is—Us

Family of ‘Gender Confused’ Alaska Child Sues Schools Over Bathrooms

United Nations ‘Climate Chief’ Calls for Trillions in Payments to Third World. Who Pays? We Do!

Minus-30—Even for Alaska, That’s Cold!

Sunday Gun Day XXVIII – James Butler ‘Wild Bill’ Hickok, Gunfighter and Lawman

SHOCK: Father in NY Loses Legal Fight to Prevent His 8-Year-Old Son From Receiving ‘Transgender Care’

Gender Dysphoria Claims Are Skyrocketing—Health Issue or Social Contagion?

Crime and Punishment, Illegal Immigrant Edition: Who Counts the Cost?

Biased ‘Climate Change’ Research Prompts Biden Admin to Halt LNG Exports

Are Biden’s Failures Contagious? Kakistocracy and Gerontocracy Achieved

Diet Scolds and Our Life Expectancy: Is It Worth It?

Other Stories:

Jeff Charles: World Health Organization Signals Caution on Gender-Affirming Care for Minors Amid Growing Debate And: ‘The Mandalorian’ Star Gina Carano Strikes Back Against Disney With Bombshell Lawsuit

Mike Miller: Newsom Stands by Plan to Base Electricity Bills on Income vs. Usage As Even Democrat Lawmakers Revolt

Nick Arama: Trump Teases a Couple of Names When Asked About VP, Decimates Biden and Newsom  And:  WATCH: Chicago Mayor Johnson Has an Astonishing Response When Asked About the Border

Sister Toldjah:  Teacher Gives Master Class in Rethinking Premises After Student Asks Him About ‘Transphobe’ J.K. Rowling

Brandon Morse: The Siege on Disney Intensifies As Elon Musk and Nelson Peltz Seem to Be Teaming Up