Animal’s Red Thursday News

Hard to believe it’s the first of February already!

Like every U.S. Presidential election year, this is also a leap year, so there are 29, not 28 days in this shortest month.  This means we have to wait 24 more hours to see Bumblin’ Joe Biden ousted from the Imperial Mansion.  Ain’t that always the way?


My RedState Stuff:

Peter Navarro, Former Trump White House Official, Sentenced to Four Months for Contempt of Congress

OUTRAGE: NYU Professor Preaches Oct 7th Atrocity Denial to Students

UPDATE: House Speaker Mike Johnson Is the Latest to Support Texas on Border Crisis

Open Borders Present a Very Real Threat of America’s Own Oct 7th

A Literal Plague of Locusts – What to Expect This Summer

China Puts Pressure on Iran to Rein in Those Houthis

Legislation in Maryland Would Place Prohibitive Insurance Requirement for Firearms ‘Wear or Carry’

We Don’t Know Yet Who Will Be Trump’s VP Pick – But We Know It Won’t Be Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy

Illegal Immigrant Family Freezes on Doorstep of George Soros’ NYC Office. Soros Does Nothing.

‘Expert’ Claims Bigfoot Killed This Deer. Untrue, Because Bigfoot Doesn’t Exist.

Illegal Aliens Caught by Border Patrol: Two Child Sex Offenders, a Murderer and a Felon

New Twist on Illegal Immigration: Russian Man Sneaks Onto Flight to LAX, Convicted of Being Stowaway

VeepStakes 2024: Should Donald Trump Pick Ron DeSantis?

Suicide Drone That Killed Three American Soldiers Slipped Past Air Defenses, Mistaken for US Drone

Ahead, Bad*** Factor Eight: Brazilian Cops Patrol on Buffaloback

Biden’s Illegal Immigration Failures: He Could Take Action but Refuses

Trump Wins: Illinois Board of Elections Votes to Keep Trump on Primary Ballot

Kick Her Out! Ron DeSantis Calls for Ilhan Omar to Be Expelled From Congress, Denaturalized, Deported

Anchorage Sees ‘Pandemic of Snow’

U.S. Sees Record Syphilis Cases – CDC Blames Funding Cuts

Bloomberg: Trump Leads Biden in Every Swing State – But Will Biden Be the Candidate?

Texas University Cancelling Racist ‘Cultural Graduations’ – About Time

Multiple Violent Assaults in San Fran Sway 87-Year-Old Man to Move Back to Where It’s Safer – China

VIP Stuff (Paywalled):

Biden’s Schizophrenic Energy Policy Is Harming America

When Will California Hit Rock Bottom, and What Happens After That?

The Four Most Powerful Words in Public Discourse: ‘I Will Not Comply’

We All Need Heroes: The Importance of Role Models

Sunday Gun Day XXVII – The History of the Lever Gun, Part III

Liberty and the ‘Code Duello’: Should Dueling Be Legal?

Dr. Strangelove, 60 Years on – A Look Back at a Cold War Classic

Morbidly Obese Transgender ‘Influencer’ Bemoans Decline of Masculinity – Self-Awareness Rating: Zero.

Happy National Gorilla Suit Day! A Quick Look at Odd American Holidays

Other Stories:

Buzz Patterson:  Buzz Cut: What Do You Want Our Military to Be?

Nick Arama: Biden the ‘Big Guy’ Goes Completely Incoherent During Brewery Visit in Wisconsin

Bonchie: IRS Contractor Who Leaked Trump’s Tax Returns Gets Prison Time, and the Sentence Is a Joke

Jeff Charles:  Shocker: Americans Believe They Are Paying ‘Too Much’ in Taxes

Brandon Morse: The Inevitable Future of Neuralink and Human/Computer Hybrids