Animal’s Red Thursday News

This post goes in early because in a few moments, Mrs. Animal and yr. obdt. will be off to cover the famous Glacier View Car Launch. Watch for some exciting videos of this great Alaska tradition. Fireworks aren’t really too practical here, as it doesn’t get dark in the Great Land in early July. So, the obvious option? Throw junk cars off a cliff!

And now, on to the Independence Day Red Links!

My RedState Stuff:

Gallup: Less Than Half of Democrats Happy With Joe Biden As the Democrat Nominee

China Expels Two Former Defense Ministers for Corruption

Trump Campaign Opens New Debate Fact-Check Website

Trump on Biden: ‘Yes, I Think He Will Be the Nominee’

Poise, Presentation, Polish: A Body Language Expert’s Take on the Debate

Biden Aides on the President’s Poor Debate Performance: ‘What He Needed Was Rest’

Bernie Sanders Damns Joe Biden Debate Performance With Faint Praise: ‘Not Terribly Articulate’

Workers Report They Saw ‘Massive UFO’ Above Red Rocks, Colorado Concert Venue After Show

The Pocket Watch Owned by Theodore Roosevelt, Stolen in 1987, Comes Home

Comedian Adam Carolla: Trump ‘Destroys’ Newsom in One-on-One Match

Steve Bannon: Trump Will Win Election in ‘Landslide,’ Calls for Justice, Not Retribution

Joe Biden’s Empty Schedule: POTUS Works Less Than Previous Presidents, Ordinary Americans

Native New Yorker Now Living in Israel to Jews in NY and LA: Get Out, You’re Not Safe

Whistling Past the Graveyard: Dem Rep. Raskin Claims Biden Will Be DNC Headliner, Even If Not the Nominee

Alaska Man Monday – Dad Jokes, Dogs, and Flowers

Red State Democrats on the Edge! Alaska’s Mary Peltola on Biden: ‘One of the Smartest, Sharpest People’

Which Joe Biden Is Mika Brzezinski Watching?

Don’t They Have Better Things to Do? Ohio Lawmakers Argue Over State Fish.

AOC UNLEASHED: Socialist Firebrand to File Impeachment Articles Against… The Supreme Court?

Post-Debate Polling Should Have Biden Campaign Sweating Bullets

Pelosi Comes Clean: It’s Fair to Ask Whether Debate Was ‘Just an Episode’ or If Biden ‘Has a Condition’

‘Rust’ Armorer Seeks Release, Claims Prosecutors Withheld Evidence

Great News: United States Marshals Service Has Recovered 200 Missing Children

Army’s Elite Delta Force Troopers: Assassination of Political Opponents an ‘Unlawful Order’

Heart’s Ann Wilson Diagnosed With Cancer, Cancels Tour


VIP Stories (Paywalled)

Washington State Girl’s Track Coach: ‘Obviously a Male Running’

OPINION: Post-Debate, Where Does the Biden Campaign Go From Here?

What Would Happen If the Democrats Replaced Biden With… Nobody?

Sunday Gun Day XLIX – The Drip Rifle

This Year in Pride Month: Bathrooms, Brawls, and Bad Choices

Hulking, Lantern-Jawed ‘Transgender’ Rugby Player Complains Female Team Members Are ‘Unwelcoming’

The Town That Chose a Cat for Mayor: A Lesson for Us All

There’s a New Angle in ‘Transgender’ Athletes – Claim to Be ‘Nonbinary’


Other Stories:


BREAKING: Supreme Court Issues Monumental Ruling on Chevron Deference

Supreme Court Hands Down Blockbuster Ruling in Case That Will Impact Multiple J6 Defendants

Supreme Court Rules Homeless Do Not Have a Right to Camp on Public Property

BREAKING: Supreme Court Rules on Presidential Immunity

SCOTUS Chastises Lower Courts in Online Speech Law Cases, Sends Them Back