Animal’s Red Thursday News

Our Great Land heat wave is over.  I mean, when it gets above 70, it’s a little uncomfortable, but when it gets past 75, that’s hot!  We’re still enjoying some fine sunny weather, but highs are staying in the respectable upper 60s now, and that’s as it should be.  And so…

My RedState Stuff:

Senate Dems Introduce Bill Attempting to Regulate the Supreme Court; Senate GOP Rightly Blocks It

Supreme Court, in Unanimous Ruling, Preserves Access to ‘Abortion Pill’

So Long, Petrodollar: US-Saudi Arabian Agreement Ends After Fifty Years

DHS IG Releases Report on Screening, Vetting of Illegal Immigrants – and It Doesn’t Look Good

Cold War Redux: American and Russian Navies Play Tag in Waters Near Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Are Aliens Living Among Us? Probably Not, but That Won’t Stop Researchers From Wasting Time Looking.

Donald Trump Endorses Maryland Republican Larry Hogan for Blue State Senate Seat

Everything’s Bigger: 75,000 Square Foot Buc-ee’s Opens in Texas

Nancy Pelosi Melts Down on Air, Begs Trump Family to ‘Stage an Intervention’

Vermont Couple Can Hardly Bear the Ursine Invader Sitting in Their Hammock

Could Trump Turn Virginia Red in 2024? There Might Be a Way.

Dumbest Idea Ever: Biden Again Stumping for ‘Assault Weapon,’ Bump-Stock Ban in New Ad

‘Unacceptable’: Utah’s GOP Gov Hits Denver’s Dem Mayor for Failing to Give Notice on Sending Illegals

CA Rep. Ro Khanna Admits: It’s Time for a ‘New Generation’ of Democrat Leadership Post-Biden

Fakes, Fakes, More Fakes: Texas Democrat Arrested for Sending Himself Bogus Racist Messages

Write This Down! Trump Promotes ‘No Tax on Tips’ Plan, Advises Jotting the Message on Receipts

Senator Chris Murphy: Wrong on Bump Stocks, Wrong on Guns, Wrong on 2nd Amendment, Wrong for America

Alaska Man Monday – Snow Machines, Russians, Booze, and Guns

Cori Bush, Squad Member, Progressive Radical, and… Faith Healer?

Netanyahu Dissolves War Cabinet—Could This Signal a Change of Course?

Rogue Agency: GOP Lawmakers Scrutinize the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Which Possible Veep Pick Presents the Greatest Threat to Kamala Harris? Kamala Harris!

Mountain Lions: Coming Soon to a Patch of Forest Near You!

Biden Admin Pushing Path to Citizenship for Half a Million Immigrants With US Citizen Spouses

Mysterious Monolith Manifests on Mountain Near Las Vegas, Authorities Strangely Incurious

America’s Worst-Run City Should Come As No Surprise

Rachel Maddow Has Valuable Advice for Joe Biden’s Reelection Effort: ‘Run a Better Campaign’

Risk of Terror Attack in United States Shockingly High – Guess Why?

Ocasio-Cortez Is No Longer the Woke Darling at Columbia: She Dared to Support Israel’s Iron Dome

He Isn’t Making the Cut: RFK Jr. Unlikely to Stand With Trump, Biden on Debate Stage

New Court Papers Claim Alec Baldwin Was ‘Reckless With Firearms’ Before Shooting on ‘Rust’ Set

VIP Stories (Paywalled):

Sorry, Portland, but ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Is ‘Healthy Masculinity’

Climate Scolds Want to Shut Down Alaskan Pipeline, but America Can’t Afford to Do Without It

Start Your Weekend Right With 5 Great Female Vocalists

Don’t Panic! It’s Hot, but It’s Been Hotter – a Historical Perspective

Supreme Court Shows Interest in Considering Major Climate Lawfare Case, Sunoco v. Honolulu

Sunday Gun Day XLVII – The Legend of ‘Liver-Eatin’ Johnston

Photographs and Memories: Father’s Day Wishes for My Grandpa, a Man of a Different Time

American Stores Backing Down on Pride Displays – and That’s a Good Thing

OUTRAGE: America’s National Intelligence Apparatus Distracted by ‘Pride Month’ Nonsense

The Western: An American Film Genre Like No Other

Imagine a Nuclear Iran: What Would That Look Like?

Mom of ‘Transgender’ Child Claims Florida, Not Puberty Blockers, Ruined Child’s Life

Military Gear Pt. 2 – Stuff All Cold War Veterans Knew and Loved

Other Stories:

Nick Arama: At Disastrous G7 Presser, Biden Gives Garbled Answer on Hunter, Snaps at Reporter, and Schiff Attacks Millions of Americans With Vile ‘Deplorable’ Statement, Trump Nails Him With Mic Drop

Jennifer Van Laar:  NEW: As Russian Navy Conducts Drills Off the US Coast, Sen. Cruz Goes Off on Biden’s Appeasement of Putin

Bob Hoge: Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Turner: ‘We’re at the ‘Highest Level of a Possible Terrorist Threat’