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Next week’s RedState traffic, like next week’s traffic here, will be a tad slower than normal, as I have an old buddy coming to visit.  He lives on the East Coast, and this is his first real chance to observe wild Alaskans in their natural habitat, so he may be in for a shock or two.  Ought to be fun.

Now then…

My RedState Stuff:

Congressional Veterans, to Mark D-Day Anniversary, Will Jump Out of Perfectly Good Airplane

Mass Illegal Border Crossings Still Happening Every Day – Biden Admin’s Actions Have Done Nothing

What Kamala Isn’t – and Shouldn’t Be – Talking About

Florida Supreme Court Upholds Governor Ron DeSantis’s Firing of Soros-Backed Prosecutor

Leftist PA State Senator Proposes Economically Catastrophic $20 Minimum Wage

Could ‘Tacking to the Middle’ Pave Biden’s Road to Victory? Don’t Bet on It.

The King’s Speech: Charles III Speaks in Normandy and Shows Biden What Class Looks Like

The Trump Veepstakes Continue With More Names on the List

Five Times Joe Biden Has Insulted American Voters

Trump $12 Million Silicon Valley Donor Haul Has MSNBC Surprised … and Dems Worried

California Woman Killed by Black Bear in State’s First Documented Fatal Attack

Sanity Prevails: American College of Pediatricians Calls on Medical Orgs. to Cease Transitioning Kids

Are Two Heads Really Better Than One? It Depends on How Many Bodies There Are.

WaPo Frets About Donald Trump’s Plans to Seize Federal Purse Strings During 2nd Term

36 Arrested in Huge California Drug Trafficking Bust, Perps Tied to Mexican Sinaloa Cartel

SHOCKER: Body of Missing Indonesian Woman Found Inside Massive Python

Feral Hog Attacks! Swine More Dangerous Than Sharks, Bears.

United States Central Command’s Shameful Statement on Gaza Hostage Rescue

Young Californians Can’t Afford Houses, but Their Taxes Are Building Luxury Lodgings for the Homeless

NEW: Memo to Border Agents Confirms ‘Catch and Release’ Remains Policy of Dems, Biden Administration

Total Paranoia: AOC Fears Jail Time at the Hands of Donald Trump, If He Is Reelected

Alaska Man Monday – Public Waters, Safety, and Dumb Crooks in a Chicken Coop

House Oversight Chair James Comer: ‘It’s No Secret Joe Biden’s Committed Many Crimes’

SHOCKER: Canada’s Parliament Hit With Allegations of Treason

GOP Announces ‘Protect the Vote’ Initiative to Ensure Fair and Transparent Election, Block Democrat Fraud

World-Beater Cow Fetches $4 Million at Auction: Animal Is ‘Closest to Perfection’

FARCE: DNC to Reimburse White House for Tiny, Tiny Percentage of Jill Biden’s Paris-Delaware Trial Trips

Ex-NY Governor Cuomo to Answer to House Subcommittee on COVID Nursing Home Debacle

Biden Can’t Run on ‘I’m Not Trump.’ Trump, on the Other Hand…

This Is Israel: Half Jewish, Half Arab-Muslim Swimmer to Represent Israel in the Olympics

Eight Suspected Terrorists With Ties to ISIS Nabbed in Three Separate Cities – All Were ‘Fully Vetted’

Hunter Biden’s Baby Mama, Lunden Roberts, Speaks on His Conviction

Funding Hatred: Daughter of ‘Palestine Chronicles’ Editor Works for Group Accused of Assisting Hamas

House GOP Clears Way for Merrick Garland Contempt Vote – but Does It Even Matter?

It’s On: Congressional Republicans Introduce Bill to Ban DEI in Federal Government, Federal Contracting

It’s Official: Lia Thomas Not Allowed to Compete in International Women’s Swimming

Harvard Law Review Editor, Facing Misdemeanor Assault Charges, Lands Plush (and Ironic) Clerkship

BREAKING: House of Representatives Votes to Hold AG Merrick Garland in Contempt of Congress

The Economist: Trump Beats Biden 2 to 1 in Electoral College

New Details on Hamas’ Counteroffer for a Ceasefire Emerge, and They’re Hot Garbage

VIP Stories (Paywalled):

Photographs and Memories: Operation Overlord, 80 Years Later

Pride Parades: Not Safe for Work, Not Safe for Kids

20 Years Ago Today: Colorado’s Infamous Killdozer

Sunday Gun Day XLVI – Coyotes

Would You Live 1,000 Years, and If You Could, What Would You Do?

Oh, Canada! Top Canadian Cancer Charity Apologizes for Using Accurate Anatomical Terms

American Troops to Be Guinea Pigs for Lab-Grown Meat

Lawlessness and Chaos at UCLA, NYC, Los Angeles: All Signs of the Downfall of Our Major Cities?

Texas and Montana Sue Biden Admin Over Rule Forcing States to Pay for ‘Gender Transition’

Words Mean Things: The Importance of Clear, Concise, and Intuitive Communication

Other Stories:

Bob Hoge: France’s Macron Dissolves National Assembly, Calls for Snap Elections After Crushing EU Election Defeat

Jennifer Van Laar:  CONFIRMED: ‘Journalist’ Killed by IDF Held 3 Israeli Hostages in His Home, Wrote for US-Based Nonprofit

Susie Moore:  Think She’ll Give It Back? Fani Willis Received Donation From Ex-City Attorney Convicted of Fraud and: SC David Weiss: Case Was Not Just About Addiction but About Illegal Choices Made by Hunter Biden

Jeff Charles:  ‘Shouldn’t Even Exist’: Gun Rights Advocates React to Hunter Biden Verdict in Firearm Case

Nick Arama:  Biden’s Massive Incoherence in Ironic New Remarks on ‘Gun Sense’ After Hunter’s Conviction

Sister Toldjah:  ‘No Go Zone’: The Spokane ‘Pride’ Street Mural Drama Goes From Stupid to Maddening