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Before I get started on this: I’m looking for ideas for upcoming Animal Magnetism Live segments.  Anything you want to know about Alaska?  Anything you want me to comment on in general?  Anything you want me to portray?  Let me know in the comments!

And so…

My RedState Stuff:

United Nations Pays Sickening Tribute to ‘The Butcher of Tehran’

United States and China: Rivals in an Increasingly Medieval World

Chief Justice Roberts Refuses to Meet Congressional Democrats Over Alito Flags, SCOTUS Ethics

Will the Trump Verdict Have Much Effect on the 2024 Election? New Poll Says No.

Shares in Trump Media, Owner of Truth Social, Drop Following Announcement of Verdict

Trump Post-Conviction Fundraising Shattering Records

Trump War Room: The Former President Speaks on the Manhattan Verdict, Joe Biden, and More

Former VP Mike Pence Speaks Out: Trump Conviction ‘Disservice to the Nation’

Rest Easy, Arizonans: They Caught the Glendale Panty Thief

Alvin Bragg, ‘Reluctant Prosecutor’? Baloney!

UK Paper Claims Trump As a Felon Is Now Banned From Visiting 37 Nations – But Is He, Really?

Bill Maher Reverts to Form, Tells Host Chris Wallace Trump Won’t Concede If He Loses in 2024

TRAGEDY: Tulsi Gabbard’s Aunt Stabbed and Killed, Suspect Charged

POLL: Trump Verdict Doesn’t Move the Needle on Public Perception of Case

Could They Be More ‘Petty’? North Korea Sending Hundreds of Balloons With Garbage, Poop Into South Korea

Riverside County CA Sheriff Switches Horses—Goes All-In for Trump

OUTRAGE: Sources Say Biden Administration Has Granted De Facto Amnesty to 350K Illegal Immigrants

Alaska Man Monday – Veterans, Alaska Liberals, and Hoverboard Dentistry

Cruel and Unusual: 75-Year-Old Woman Given Two-Year Prison Sentence for Protesting Abortion Clinic

UNDER THE BUS: Fauci Says His Advisor’s Attempt to Evade COVID FOIAs Was Wrong, Violates Policy

Potential Jurors on Hunter Biden Case Face Questions on Guns, Addiction With Some Surprising Results

Florida Grand Jury Releases Interim Report on COVID Wrongdoing

Senate GOP Warning to Judge Merchan: ‘Don’t Put Trump in Jail’

Dr. Fauci: ‘Level of Vitriol’ During Hearings Was ‘Quite Unfortunate.’ Really, Doc?

New York Faces Invasion of Hand-Sized Flying Spiders – but They Should’t Worry

New York City Building More Public Potties, Because All of the City’s Other Problems Are Solved

House Republican Rips AOC Over Non-Response to Cop Shooting in Her District

Gavin Newsom Brags About Fortune 500 Companies in California: He Swings, He Misses!

Surge of Chinese Illegal Immigrants at Southern Border Presents National Security Threat

Yes, It’s Real: Zombie Cicadas Plaguing the Midwest

Senate Campaign for Former Maryland Gov Larry Hogan Says He Plans to Skip Republican National Convention

VIP Pieces (Paywalled):

The Trump Trial: Likely Outcomes and Inflection Points, in History and Now

The Post-Verdict America Is an Undiscovered Country – Is a Civil War Possible?

Start Your Weekend Right With Four Great Songs by Ex-Beatles – And One As a Bonus

Fauci Gets Grilled: COVID Select Subcommittee Releases Transcript of Interview

Climate Despair Causing Mental Health Woes Among the Moms of the World

Sunday Gun Day XLV – The Greatest Battle Implement Ever Devised, the M1 Garand

Portrait of a British Hero: John Malcolm Thorpe Fleming ‘Mad Jack’ Churchill

Because People Need to Eat, European Agriculture Is Making a Right Turn

Children’s Doodles From Ancient Rome Reflect the Times, Not the Kids’ Violent Nature

Tongan Volcano Could Affect Weather for a Decade

How Cheaply They Hold Their Green Plans: New York Gov Dropping Congestion Pricing Over Voter Backlash

Snakes May Not Be Bad Eating, but Beef Helps You Sleep!

Other Stories:

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Jeff Charles:  Cryin’ Adam Kinzinger Reminds Us Why He Is a Laughingstock

Becca Lower:  WATCH: Charlamagne Tha God Sets CNN Straight on the Big Difference Between Biden and Trump for Election

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Mike Miller:  Biden Confuses Xi With Putin, Then Lies or Gets Confused While Defending His Tariffs on China Imports