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Yeah, I got nothin’. Long night last night, followed by a bout of insomnia, and now have to get cranking with the brain in second gear.  Stories below the break.

Now then…

My RedState Stuff:

Obama Admin Blocked Arrests of Iranian Individuals Linked to Nuclear, Missile Programs to Save Nuke Deal

California Considering Taxing Travel by Tracking Private Vehicle Mileage

CONFIRMED: Hunter Biden’s ‘Laptop From Hell’ Is Authentic and Will Be Trial Evidence, Per Special Counsel

Frontier Airlines Facing Widespread Abuse of Wheelchair Service – Hint: It’s Not Just Frontier

Shades of ‘Moby Dick’: Alaska Fisherman Who Ordered Crew to Shoot Sperm Whale Pleads Guilty

Thai Town Tormented, Maddened by Marauding Wild Monkeys

Ex-CIA Officer Pleads Guilty to Charges of Spying for China

Kamala Harris’ Latest Incompetent Idea: Financing Internet Access in Africa

NYT: Hillary Clinton Says Voters Punished Her in 2016 Election for Not Being ‘Perfect’

Even As ICC Pressures Netanyahu to Stand Down, Hamas Once Again Launches Rockets Into Israel From Rafah

Trump Campaign Launches ‘Veterans and Military Families for Trump’ Coalition to Commemorate Memorial Day

US Lawmakers Arrive in Taiwan to Meet New President—Making Beijing Very Unhappy

Philadelphia Couple Find Love, Get Married – at 102 and 100 Years of Age

Alaska Man Monday – Spelling, Swan Diving and Safety

WINNING: Ron DeSantis Scores With School Choice – Public Schools, Not So Much

Air Force Reveals New B-21 Raider Photos – But Are the Pilots Up for the Moment?

Secretaries of State From Arizona, Georgia Trade Barbs on Noncitizen Voting, Voter ID

Reflections on Arlington National Cemetery, and Those We Have Lost

Co-Owning a Home Probably a Bad Idea for Most

COVER-UP: Anthony Fauci’s COVID Team Conspired to Evade FOIA Requests

Top Biden Donor Revealed to Be Pakistani Government Official – What Did He Get in Return?

Joe Biden’s Economy Is a Shambles, and America’s Moms Are Struggling to Make Ends Meet

Dennis Quaid Says He’s Voting for Trump: ‘He’s an A**hole, but He’s My A**hole’

CFPB Suing Zero-Interest Lender Over Lending Practices

Biden to Be ‘Virtually’ Nominated in Ohio: Will It Make a Difference?

UPDATE: Rep. Brad Wenstrup on Fauci: What Did He Know, and When Did He Know It?

Islamic Jihad Releases Horrific ‘Proof of Life’ Video of Israeli Hostage, Alexander Trupanov

National Park Service Walks Back Denali Flag Ban – Meanwhile, Alaskans Respond With Flags Flying

VIP Stories (Paywalled)

Start Your Weekend Right With 5 Great Country Songs

Will the Trials and Travails of Trump Affect the 2024 Election? If So, How Much?

Sunday Gun Day XLIV – Five Great American Guns

Clueless Pete Strikes Again: Now It’s Turbulence in Air Travel

Photographs and Memories: Memorial Day, What It Is and Why It Is

What’s Wrong With Hot Dogs?

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

Entirely Too Silly: How Long Will It Be Before Someone ‘Identifies’ As a Pet Rock?

Yet Another Tiresome Study Urging Us to Change Our Diets to Save the Planet

UK Nurses Suing NHS Over ‘Transgender’ Colleague Harassing Them in Women’s Changing Room

Other Stories:

Nick Arama:  Biden’s Disgusting Plotting Over Possible ‘Statement’ About Trump Verdict And:  Biden West Point Speech: Brain Breaks, Tells Tall Tales, ‘Please Clap’ Moment, With Embarrassing End

Sister Toldjah:  Report: Lunden Roberts Has an August Surprise for Joe and Hunter Biden

Jennifer Van Laar:  NEW Info About the Chechen Illegal Who Was Shot While Possibly Surveilling Special Ops Soldier’s NC Home

Brandon Morse:  WATCH: Eric Trump Lays Out the Facts About How Democrats Are Abusing the People to Get His Dad