Animal’s Red Thursday News

The event of the week may well have been the concluding of the Trump trial’s offense/defense phases, but the big news around here is that the ice is out!  Our brief sub-Arctic summer is on the way, and the initial fishing reports are promising.

Now then…

My RedState Stuff:

Trumponomics Beats Bidenomics in Swing States, Every Time

Israeli Military Finds Bodies of Three Hostages

Chairman of Joint Chiefs: Only a Matter of Time Before NATO Military Advisers in Ukraine

Trump Advisers Reveal Advance Planning to Deport 20M Illegal Aliens After Election

Trump Making a Play for Minnesota While Biden Stumbles and Fumbles

State Department Issues Worldwide Caution for Americans Traveling Abroad

Dabney Coleman, 1932-2024: Requiescat in Pace

Netanyahu War Cabinet Minister Threatens to Pull His Party From Israel’s Government Over Gaza Strategy

Audacity: Donald Trump Planning Rally in Deep-Blue Bronx

Chicago Woman Left Waiting Hours for Police, After Calling 911 for Attempted Burglary

Japan Is Contending With an Invasion … of Raccoons

Alaska Man Monday – Fish, Mammoths, and More Dumb Crooks

House Financial Services Committee Calls for Resignation of FDIC Chairman Gruenberg

Vulnerable Democrats Hit Panic Button, Bail on Biden Administration

Giant Alien Power Plants? Seven Stars Emitting Strange Heat Signature Consistent With Dyson Rings

Five States Where Homes Are Overvalued – but Are They, Really?

UPDATE: FDIC Chairman Martin Gruenberg Will Resign Over Toxic Workplace Issues

Can Kamala Harris Save the Presidency for Democrats? Not Likely.

Vacation Season Cautions: Large Animals Can Be Dangerous

Ultra Right Beer Unveils Anti-Woke Bro Dude New Ad: ‘How’s That for Tone?’

Gold Bars, Jewelry, Cash Stashed in a Boot: Sen. Bob Menendez’s Home Looked Like a Pawn Shop Safe

Forgotten History: Sliced Bread, the Invention to Which All Inventions Are Compared

Bloomberg Poll: Almost Half of Swing-State Voters Expect Violence During November’s Elections

Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic Releases Memos Implicating Fauci Advisor, Others

Republican National Committee’s DC Headquarters Locked Down Over ‘Suspicious Package’

Families of Uvalde Shooting Victims Reach $2M Settlement With City, Still Suing School Board, Officers

Biden Administration Denies Permit to Celebrate Long-Standing Memorial Day Mass in National Cemetery

VIP Stories (Paywalled):

Could the 2024 Election Result in a Trump/Harris Administration?

Hedge Fund Founder: 1 in 3 Chance of Second US Civil War

New Hampshire Senate Passes Bill Banning Boys Playing on Girls’ School Sports Teams

Rock ‘n’ Roll Isn’t Just American – A Look at Japanese Rock, Nightlife, and Culture

Sunday Gun Day XLIII – Five Great American Gun Designers

Mosquitoes Beset Texas Town – Locals Blame Climate Change

The Supreme Court Has Allowed the CFPB to Stand. How Might the GOP Rein in This Rogue Agency?

US Supreme Court Declines Maryland Parents’ Challenge to School Transgender Policy

Could We Be Seeing a Reassertion of Normalcy?

‘Green’ Energy Fail: Multiple Iowa Tornadoes Wrecking Windmills

CA Legislature to Consider Bill to Ban Transgender Parental Notification Policies

Other Stories:

Jeff Charles: Knife-Wielding Assailant Finds Out Why It Was a Horrible Idea to Attack an Armed Woman

Adam Turner: A Debate Memo to Donald Trump

Brandon Morse: Gen Alpha Will Be the AI Generation

Bob Hoge:  DERSHOWITZ ON FIRE: Legal Scholar Attends Trump Trial, Demolishes Judge Merchan’s Prejudicial Conduct

Townhall video:  J.D. Vance Makes ‘Face the Nation’ Host Look Like a Fool

Bonchie:  WATCH: Bill Maher Takes the Ladies of ‘The View’ Apart, Calls Them Out to Their Faces