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My RedState Stuff:

To Meet Electric Vehicle Goals, California Must Spend $20 Billion on Grid Updates

Senate GOP Managing Expectations for 2024 Elections

Dazed and Confused: President Biden Lands in Charlotte, Promptly Gets Lost

DC Isn’t a Swamp, but a Tar Pit: Case Study, Alaska’s Mary Peltola

Should Trump and the GOP Make Foreign Aid a Loan Tied to a Nation’s Natural Resources?

The April Jobs Report: White Collar Blues, Blue Collar Wins

TSA to Passenger: Are Your Pants Full of Snakes or Are You Just Happy to See Us?

Dave & Buster’s to Allow Limited Gambling on Its Arcade Games

OPINION: DeSantis Signing a Bill Banning Lab-Grown Meat in Florida Is the Wrong Move

Biden Betting on the Middle? Not Likely.

Even on the International Space Station, Life Finds a Way

Kentucky Angler Reels in Two Creatures Out of Another Time

Justice Department Threatens Iowa Over State’s Immigration Law

Chinese Court Sentences Man to Jail Time for Affair With Wife of Soldier

Trump VP Speculation: How About Doug Burgum?

You’re Not Imagining Things. Scientists Explain Why Cold Beer Just Tastes Better.

Out of Control: Large Scale Fights, Gang Violence Force Chicago to Cancel Cinco de Mayo Parade

Luxury Airline to Offer NY-LA-London Flights for Pooches and Their Owners … Starting at $6K

Alaska Man Monday – Lost Treasures, Buckets, and Bush Planes

Maxine Waters Unhinged: ‘Right-Wing Organizations’ Are ‘Training Up in the Hills Somewhere’

Biden Admin Coordinating With Anti-Israel Group to Isolate West Bank Jews

Former Biden DOJ Official Now Prosecuting Trump Took Thousands From DNC for ‘Political Consulting’

UCDivest Protester Unmasked As Racist, Hate-Filled Radical

Trump Trial Smasher: DA’s Witness Testifies Trump Did Not Direct Payments to Michael Cohen

Only in Norway: Tourist Fined for Getting Too Close to a Walrus
Colorado Passes Law Requiring Teachers to Use Student’s Preferred Pronouns, Cuts Parents Out of the Loop

Massachusetts: Bear Drags Car Crash Victim’s Body Into Woods

Ilhan Omar Faces Censure Resolution After Suggesting Jewish Students Are ‘Pro-Genocide’

Canada to Destroy Thousands of Classic Browning Hi-Power Pistols

Chinese Electric Vehicle Companies Claim American Manufacturers ‘Aren’t Ready’

House Committee on COVID Requests Release of Unredacted Docs Hinting at China Lab Leak Origin, Cover-Up

John Fetterman Attacks Biden Administration – but Only on Israel Arms Shipments

FDIC Scandal Nearing a Conclusion – Is a Hard Rain About to Fall?

Whoopi Goldberg, ‘The View’ Co-Hosts Reject ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty’ … for Donald Trump

UN Relief and Works Agency Staff Stealing, Reselling Humanitarian Aid Meant for Gazans

VIP Stories (Paywalled):

It’s Getting Real: Guns Confiscated From at Least Two College Protests

British Judge Tosses Climate Plan As ‘Vague and Unquantifiable’

Illinois Is Now the Most Dysfunctional Example of Democrat Governance

Generation of Wind Power Dropped in 2023. Why? Less Wind.

Sunday Gun Day XLI – Five Guns That Just Don’t Make Sense

Marcus Aurelius: Meditations of a Roman Emperor, and What He Foresaw About Today

Open Carry v. Concealed Carry: Situational and Political Arguments

Energy Crisis Part Deux? The Biden Administration Has Us Headed That Way

Are Democrats Deliberately Alienating Men?

Trans Activists Crying Wolf, Flooding Utah Bathroom Tip Line With False Reports

Is France Prepared to Get Tough With Islamic Radicals?

Other Stories:

Jennifer Van Laar: Kristi Noem Just Cricketed Her Career in Disastrous Interview

Becca Lower: Rubio: ‘Feeble’ Joe Biden’s ‘Failure to Address’ Radicals in US Who Support Hamas Has ‘Fed’ Campus Chaos

Nick Arama:  Biden’s Comment About Women Not Only Gets Ratioed, But New Poll Shows Him in Big Trouble With Women And: Antifa Gets Out of Control at Charlie Kirk UW Event, Find Out That Wasn’t a Good Idea

Jeff Charles:  Florida School Shuts Down Christian Club After Complaint From Rabid Atheist Zealots

Jim Thompson:  WaPo Gushes for Brittany Griner As She Plays Victim and Plays Her ‘Donald Trump’ Card