Animal’s Red Thursday News

The campus hooraw has dominated the news this week, my own work included, and boy howdy are there some useful idiots out there – and some useless idiots, as well.  But there are bright spots if you know where to look.  Like these young men – these guys are heroes. Good for them – I’d buy any one of them a beer, any time.

And so…

My RedState Stuff

Columbia Students Engaging in… Free Enterprise?

FCC Votes to Reinstate Net Neutrality

GUILTY: Moroccan ‘Asylum Seeker’ Convicted of Murder in UK

Justice Department Again Refuses to Turn Over Recording of Biden-Hur Interview. Contempt Could Be Next.

Twerking Vandals Wreak Havoc on a Small California Business

Relax: There Are No Spiders From Mars

George Soros-Connected Groups Paying for Antisemitic Campus Protests, Calling for Revolution

Japan: Pair of Bears Attack Karate Expert

Student Activists Postpone U of Washington Protest – Protesters ‘Too White’

In Upcoming Book, Gov Kristi Noem Describes Shooting Her Own Dog – Will It Damage Her VP Chances?

Videographer Physically Body-Checked, Blocked From Recording Pro-Hamas Protesters at UCLA

Study Confirms 10+ Firearm Magazine Capacity Is ‘Standard’

District of Columbia Police Reject George Washington University Request to Clear Pro-Hamas Encampment

Blinken: ‘We’re Not Focused on Cutting Off Trade,’ US to Allow Microchip Exports to China to Continue

Presidential Brother Jim Biden Was in Cahoots With Qatari Officials for Fundraising, Loan Backing

Happy Endings: Cop and Abandoned Baby He Helped Rescue Reunited 24 Years Later

Democrats Fear Their 2024 National Convention May See Repeat of Violence in 1968

Former Kansas Republican AG Derek Schmidt Announces Run for Congress

Trump, DeSantis Meet to Strategize on Presidential Campaign Efforts for 2024

Alaska Man Monday – Students, Wacky Tobacky and Wishes

WASTE: $7 Billion in Taxpayer Funds Went to Ivy League Universities with Anti-Israel Protests

Al Capone’s Personal .45 Colt Up for Auction

Shooting in Charlotte: ‘Numerous’ Law Enforcment Officers Injured, Active SWAT Activity Ongoing

Joe Biden: The Lights Are on, but Nobody’s Home

Elise Stefanik, Citing 2024 Election Interference, Files Ethics Complaint Against Jack Smith

Biden Has Been ‘Officially’ Corrected in White House Transcripts 148 Times in 2024 Alone

Journalist Assaulted on CUNY Campus in ‘Brutal, Crazy Attack’ for Carrying American Flag

Alaska’s Proposed West Susitna Access Road Sparks Arguments

Gallup: Illegal Immigration #1 Issue for Americans for Third Consecutive Month

Columbia University: Portrait of a Useful Idiot

UCLA Protest Camp Issues Laughable List of Requests

Donald Trump’s Meetings With Foreign Officials Annoying Biden Administration

Family of Fallen Chicago Cop Asks Mayor Johnson to Stay Away From Funeral

Minnesota Twins Give Credit for 8-Game Winning Streak to… a Lucky Sausage?

VIP Stories (Paywalled)

Influences and Role Models: Denver’s Mike Rosen

Climate Catastrophe: Study Finds LGBT Couples Hardest Hit

Photographs and Memories: Bonds of Blood, Bonds of Love

Proposed Kansas Gender-Affirming Care Ban Would Also Ban Social Transition Advocacy

Will Trump Break Up Climate Change Doom-Mongering Federal Weather Agency?

The 5 Greatest Bad Movies Ever Made – or, the 5 Worst Great Movies Ever Made? You Decide.

Sunday Gun Day XL: The Legend of the Trench Gun

Photographs and Memories: Growing Up in Tornado Country

SHOCKER: DOD Prompting Gender Confusion in Military Kids

G7 Nations Agree to Shut Down Coal Power Plants by 2035

No More Euphemisms. These Aren’t Protests—They’re Riots.

Are the Campus Riots a Dress Rehearsal? If So, for What?

British National Health Service, Belaboring the Obvious, Declares ‘Sex Is Biological’

Other Stories:

Mike Miller:  Biden Administration Drops Planned Ban on Menthol Cigarettes Over Fear of Angering Minority Voters

Nick Arama:  CONFIRMED: Watch the Cover-Up by Handlers in Real Time as Joe Biden Shuffles From Marine One

Bonchie:  There Was a Coup Attempt Against Karine Jean-Pierre, and the Details Are Something

Bob Hoge:  Kristi Noem Defiant in Wake of Outrage Over Dog-Shooting Story