Animal’s Red Thursday News

We had a nasty scare last Saturday when Iran launched a bunch of drones at Israel; the drones were shot down, Iran blustered about “That’s all this time, but next time we’ll be really serious,” and the whole thing ended up being a tempest in a teapot.  Why the young people of Iran don’t overthrow these fossilized old assholes is beyond my comprehension.

Now then…

My RedState Stuff:

Cornel West Announces VP Pick: Far-Left BLM Activist Melina Abdullah

Trump Campaign Demanding Debates: Biden Campaign Strangely Quiet

Built Ford Tough: Historic Truck Company Reveals Updated Line-Up

US, Israeli Officials Fear Hamas Has Killed Many of the Remaining Hostages, After a Troubling Hamas Claim

Biden Admin to Issue Rule to Close Nonexistent ‘Gun Show Loophole,’ Expand Background Checks

Schadenfreude – Real Meat Turns Out to Be Healthier Than Fake

Harvard Professor Claims UFOs Could Travel to Earth Via ‘Alternate Dimensions’

University of Texas at Austin, Taking Heat for Closing DEI Offices

18-Wheeler Crashes Into Texas Department of Public Safety Office: Suspected to Be Criminal Act

UPDATE: Texas Department of Public Safety Truck Attack Driver Identified, Casualty Count Updated

NYC Man Arrested for Killing Drug Dealer … Then Keeping His Head in Freezer

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Dem Primary Opponent Slams Her As Bad for Business in NY

Trump: National Abortion Law Not Needed – ‘We Broke Roe v. Wade’

Ron DeSantis Blasts Biden Admin’s ‘Gun Show Loophole’ Rule—’Will End Up Getting Nixed’

Central Command Moving Warships to Protect Israeli, U.S. Forces From Iranian Attacks

It’s Happening Everywhere: Vacant London Pub Owned by Gordon Ramsay Taken Over by Squatters

Biden Admin Locking Down HALF of Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve From Energy Development

WATCH: Anti-War Activists in Chicago Shouting ‘Death to Israel’ and ‘Death to America’ in Farsi

NASA Asked to Help Search for… Wait, the Loch Ness Monster? Seriously?

Shock: Iran Notified Turkey in Advance of Attack on Israel

Alaska Man Monday – Laundromats and Princesses

Oil Prices Expected to Rise Following Iran’s Attack on Israel

The Centennial State’s Leftward Drift Continues: Colorado House Passes ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban

Mixed Blessing? Former British Prime Minister Liz Truss Says It ‘Has to Be’ Trump in White House in 2025

Happy Tax Day! Thoughts on Taxes, What We Do Wrong, and What We Could Do Better

Real Estate Mogul on Squatters: ‘Something Bad Is Going to Happen’

George Soros’ Tides Foundation Funding Coordinated Pro-Hamas Bridge Blocking Protests

Trump Victory Plans: Massive Wall Street Deregulation

Alaskans Challenge Biden Administration’s Cancellations of ANWR Leases

Soros Rides Again: Dark Money Group Linked to Soros Supporting Alaska’s Mary Peltola With Huge Ad Buy

Tom Cotton: People Delayed by Road-Blocking Protestors Should ‘Forcibly Remove’ Them

Columbia University Board Grilled by House of Representatives on Antisemitic Professor

Trump, Biden Now Tied in Decision Desk Aggregate Poll

Boeing Engineer: ‘I Was Told, Frankly, to Shut Up.’

Senator J.D. Vance Offers Unusual Advice to House GOP Related to Ukraine Bill

Biden White House Praises Senate for Voting Down Mayorkas Impeachment As ‘Unconstitutional’

Bragg Will Cross-Examine Trump If He Takes Stand, Will Question Trump About Previous Legal Rulings

Bronx Gunmen Using Illegal Scooters Leave 1 Dead, 3 Wounded

VIP Stories (Paywalled)

United Nations Climate Chief: ‘We Have Two Years to Save the Planet.’

Environmentalists Launch Effort to Save Salmon, End up Killing Hundreds of Thousands Instead

Rewarding Failure, Punishing Success: Are We Being Played for Chumps?

The Third World War: When and Where Might It Happen?

Environmental Activists Warn of ‘Insect Apocalypse’ That Isn’t Actually Happening

Sunday Gun Day XXXVIII – The Browning Museum, Ogden, Utah

Jane Fonda Apologizes to Young People for Climate Change at Multiple High-Carbon-Footprint Gala Events

WATCH: Dr. Phil Guest/Trans Activist Claims 3-Year-Olds ‘Know Who They Are,’ Audience Erupts in Laughter

China Increases Coal-Powered Generation Capacity by 47Gigawatts in 2023: Climate Scolds Hardest Hit

‘Nature Rights’ for Trees and Rocks Outlawed in Utah

Now It’s Fingers: Quebec Man, Claiming ‘Body Integrity Dysphoria,’ Has Two Fingers Amputated

Other Stories:

Jeff Charles: White House Declares ‘Ironclad’ Support for Israel Amid Iranian Drone Attacks

Streiff: Iran Blinks. Hamas Supporters and World War III Scaremongers Hardest Hit

Nick Arama: Biden Insisted on Vacation in Face of Threat From Iran, Now He’s Rushing Back. Something Is Up.

Becky Noble: Is Joe Biden Losing Another Reliable Voting Bloc? Teamster PAC Donates to Hawley Reelection Campaign

Sister Toldjah: WATCH: Female Subway Rider Perplexed Over Why Men Aren’t Offering Her Their Seats and I Have Thoughts