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Update: Alaskapox to Be Renamed ‘Borealpox’

SHOCK: Biden Administration Environmental Rules Estimated to Cost Americans Almost $1 Trillion

Melania Trump to Rejoin Former President on Campaign Trail

UN Secretary-General António Guterres Calls for Unconditional Release of Hostages by Hamas

US Forces on High Alert, Preparing for ‘Significant’ Attack in Middle East by Iran on US, Israeli Assets

Freaky and Fantastic News to Lighten Your Friday

Dems, Desperate to Distract From Biden’s Obvious Deterioration, Focus on Trump’s Doctor

Major Delays in Mail Delivery Have People Worried It Could Impact 2024 Election

Joe Biden to Reveal Expensive New Student Loan ‘Forgiveness’ Scheme—Taxpayers to Be Stuck With the Tab

Doom Pixie Greta Thunberg Detained for Blocking Roads at the Hague

California Taxpayers Are Buying Homes—for Other People

This Is the Way: Ron DeSantis on the Rise of Florida

IDF Withdrawing Maneuver Units From Gaza, Leaving One Brigade to Split Gaza in Two

Alaska Man Monday – Peanut Butter, Cheaters, and Bush Rats

RNC Chair: GOP to Step Up Poll Watching in November, ‘Thousands of Lawyers’ Will Be Present

PM Kishida: World at ‘Historic Turning Point,’ Japan to Increase Military Posture

Google Flights Lists Top Ten 2024 Vacation Destinations: Here Are Some Alternatives.

House Moving to Install New Appropriations Chief: Out-of-Control Spending Expected to Continue

David Hogg’s Anti-Gun PAC Hit With Allegations Over Spending Practices

Arizona Supreme Court Upholds 123-Year-Old Abortion Law

Chechnya Bans Fun: Music That Is ‘Too Fast or Too Slow’ Barred From Play

Report: Iran Sending Arms to Anti-Israel Forces in West Bank

Keep Calm, Carry On, Solve Problems: Keys to a Great Life

Embarrassing: US Navy Publicity Photo Reveals a Frightening Lack of Firearms Competence

Hate Crime: Littleton, CO School Bus Aide Accused of Abusing Non-Verbal Students

Biden to Issue Executive Order to Close Border. Yeah, Right.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Five Laws Cracking Down on Sexual Predators

Biden May Not Make It on to Alabama General Election Ballot If Critical Deadline Missed

Update: More Wage-Wrangling at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

VIP Stories (Paywalled)

Indonesia Hits Woke Trifecta: Climate Change: Transgender Sex Workers Hardest Hit

Justice Department Sues Utah Over Self-Castrating Prison Inmate

Busted: Oregon School Gets Squirrely When Parents Demand to See Sex Ed Lessons

Photographs and Memories: Reflections on Spring

Sunday Gun Day XXXVII – Gold Standards, the Browning Superposed Shotgun

Reality Check: Nationwide Martial Law Unlikely to Work in Modern US

California, National Democrats, and Progressive Policies: Is the Backlash Beginning?

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Bans Men From Women’s Sports

Swiss Women Win Lawsuit Claiming Gov’t Violated Their Human Rights by Failing to Combat Climate Change

Portrait of an American Hero: Master Sergeant Roy P. Benavidez

Climate Change Panic: Now It’s Affecting Ants!

Other Stories:

Streiff: House Freedom Caucus Leader Begs Speaker Johnson to Help Him Save His Seat And: Putin’s War, Week 110.

Bonchie: Joe Biden’s Narcissism Devolves Into Sociopathy at Baltimore Bridge Collapse Site And: Pro-Hamas Student Gets Expelled, and You’ll Need a Cigarette After Reading His Thread on It

Jeff Charles: Report Reveals Some Shocking News About Teen Drug Use—It’s Down