Animal’s Red Thursday News

What a week. It’s snowing here again; winter is on its last gasp, but that last gasp is expected to dump 3-5″ of the white stuff on us.  It won’t last – but winter never goes out without a struggle in Alaska.

And so…

My RedState Stuff:

Update: Freeloading Illegal Alien Continues to Taunt U.S. Taxpayers

RFK Jr. Once Advocated ‘Smart Grid’ Allowing Government to Remote Control American’s Devices

Republican Lawmakers Call for Removing Wolves From ‘Endangered’ List As Packs Threaten Ranchers

China Builds Mock-Up of Key Government District in Taiwan – for Invasion Training?

Minnesota AG Keith Ellison Reveals His Ignorance on Glocks, Product Liability

Trump v. Biden: A Look at the Swing States

New Tech Promises to Bring Loved Ones Back to Life – Catch: It Can’t

UPDATE: Venezuelan Illegal Immigrant, ‘Migrant Influencer’ Leonel Moreno Behind Bars

Gallup: Immigration, ‘Poor Leadership’ Top Issues for Americans

Tired of the Status Quo? How About ‘Literally Anybody Else’ for President?

Putin Ally Predicts Nuclear Strike on Ukraine ‘Most Likely’

CDC: Tuberculosis Cases Spiking in USA Since 2022. What Else Has Spiked in America Since Then?

Harvard Removes Human Skin From Book Cover (Eww!)

Is Hamas in Gaza Collapsing? Signs Point to Yes.

‘Housewife Prepper’ Has Some Advice; I Have Some Questions

Alaska Man Monday – Comedy, Gossip, and Troops

Israeli Air Strike Punches Senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commander’s Ticket

Finland Debuts New Nuclear Waste Storage Site, Could Be the Model for Other Nations

United Airlines Flight Faces Smelly Emergency

Ranked-Choice Voting: Coming Soon to a State Near You, and How Alaska Fought Back

Brain Transplants – a Biological and Ethical Nightmare


VIP Pieces (Paywalled):

A Study in Statesmanship: Cato the Younger, Rome’s Last Citizen

Study: Men in Women’s Sports Unfair, Arguments for ‘Inclusion’ Fundamentally Flawed

Alaska – The Crown of the Pacific

When Things Go Really South, Part III – Rebuilding, Trade, Community

Life, Death, and Rebirth: Are Virtual Brain Uploads the Key?

Sunday Gun Day XXXVI – Why Can’t I Have One? Marble’s Game Getter

J.K. Rowling Eviscerates Scotland’s New ‘Hate Crime Act’

Olympic Medalist Sharron Davies Slams Transgender Athlete for Unfairly Competing Against Women


Other Stories:

Nick Arama: Chinese Illegal Alien Arrested at US Military Base, but That May Just Be the Tip of the Iceberg  and WATCH: Nicolle Wallace Has an Epic Meltdown Over Trump Not Being Held ‘Accountable’

Brandon Morse: The Left Is Harping About Conspiracies Around the Crashed Ship but It Should Blame Itself for Them

Susie Moore: Could Russia Have Averted the Moscow Concert Hall Attack?

Bob Hoge: Trump PAC Creates ‘Biden-Mart’ Grocery Store, Shows You Mind-Blowing Price Hikes Since 2021