Animal’s Red Thursday News

This mess in Baltimore is already spawning some loony conspiracy theories.  Some of the better ones I’m seeing include the ship’s captain being a secret Ukrainian (what possible reason a Ukrainian would have for dropping a bridge across an American port is left unsaid), that the bridge was wired with explosives, and, of course, “THE JOOZE!”  It’s all getting just a bit tiresome.

Also, I had a hell of a week at RedState.  Things were a’poppin’.  Have a look.

My RedState Stuff:

U.S. Submits Draft Gaza Cease-Fire Resolution to United Nations

Ten Things More Terrifying Than a Second Joe Biden Term

Delaware Joins Seven Other States, Allows Human Composting As Alternative to Burial and Cremation

16 Republican Attorneys General Sue Biden Admin to Resume LNG Exports

NEW: Rep. Mike Gallagher to Resign From Congress Effective April 19, Narrows GOP Margin to One Vote

The Moscow Terror Attack: Some Initial Thoughts and Impressions

Report: Obama Privately Met With Biden, Advised Him to Make 2024 Election ‘Referendum on Trump’

Biden Admin Accelerates Plan to Relocate Grizzlies Into Rural Washington, Locals Not Amused

Government Cheese, Government Spending, Government Waste

Report: 10 Percent of American Workers’ Jobs Vulnerable to AI Takeover

DOJ: ‘National Extreme Risk Protection Order Resource Center’ Will Help Enforce Red Flag Laws

Don’t Try to Play a Player: Biden Campaign Tries Out Trump Nickname Tactic With ‘Broke Don’

William Shatner, 93, Shares His Secrets on Staying Youthful. Number-One: Be Captain James T. Kirk.

Russian Missile Enters Polish Airspace As Putin Launches Airstrikes Against Ukraine

New York City’s ‘One-Man Crime Spree’ Finally Behind Bars—At Least for Now

Lisa Murkowski ‘Can’t Rule Out Leaving Republican Party’ Because of Trump

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Suffering Puzzling Post-COVID Sales Slump

Alaska Man Monday – Airplanes, Locker Rooms, and Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight

Boeing CEO Stepping Down As Part of Major Management Shakeup

Trump Holds News Conference Following Appeals Court Ruling

US, UK File Cyberespionage Charges, Impose Sanctions on Suspected Chinese Hackers

Rare Pygmy Hippo Born in Athens Zoo

Report: Feds Investigating Jim Biden’s Finances Around Florida Hospital Chain, Possible Improper Loans

Electric Vehicle Maker Fisker Delisted by NYSE Due to ‘Abnormally Low’ Price Levels

Coming Soon to a McDonald’s Near You: Krispy Kreme Donuts

Aspiring Sasquatch Hunter Has Legality Questions – Game Regs Are Ambiguous on Cryptids

Human Population Peaking, Expected to Decline Over Next Century

Survey: Should Biden Admin Give in to Mexico’s Extortion on Immigration?

Biden Admin’s Anti-Gun ‘Red Flag Center’ Violates Both Constitution and Statute

‘Migrant Influencer,’ Squatter Advocate, Now on Run From Immigration Officials

Nickelodeon Network Was Reportedly Infiltrated by Child Predators

Unsung Heroes: Officers With the Maryland Transportation Authority Acted Fast During Bridge Collapse

VIP Stories (Paywalled)

Portrait of an American Hero: ‘Jumpin’ Joe’ Beyrle

Meet the ‘Launchpad,’ Mark Zuckerberg’s $300 Million Mega-Yacht, and Its Mega-Carbon Footprint

The Bad, the Badder, and the Outrageous: Five Amazing Weapons Developed for the U.S. Armed Forces

When Things Go Really South, Part II – How to Keep Your Stuff

Sunday Gun Day XXXV – Cutlery for Everyday Use

Study: Shakespeare Was Insufficiently ‘Woke.’ Seriously?

Alaska House Bill 183 Will Protect Alaska’s Girls’ Sports

The Left, Straw Men, and ‘Rural White Rage’

Beauty: Why It Is Important, and Where to Find It

It Will Happen Here, and It’s Only a Matter of Time

Fairfax County, VA Board of Supervisors to Replace Easter With ‘Transgender Awareness Day’

Other Stories:

Ben Kew: ‘Declare an Invasion’: Laken Riley’s Father Gives Heartbreaking Address to Georgia Senate

Nick Arama:  Biden Tells an Incredible Whopper About Being Fact-Checked, Makes Weird Comment on Birthright Citizenship

Jeff Charles: Will House Republicans Give Mike Johnson the McCarthy Treatment After Passing Massive Spending Package?

Brittany Sheehan:  Trump’s Net Worth Surges on a Day That Was Expected to Bring Financial Doom

Sister Toldjah:  Sen. Kennedy Puts on Master Class, Shames Dems Crying ‘Islamophobia’ Over Controversial Biden Nominee