Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

For those of you who may not have caught the sticky post on the front page, I’ll be at CPAC 2024 in Maryland this year, from Feb. 21-24.  If anyone who reads these virtual pages will be attending, let me know!  I’ll be hanging around with the Townhall Media Group folks a lot of the time, but figure on doing some wandering and hopefully catching up with some of my indy blogger buddies.  If you’re going to be there, let me know in the comments!

Now then…

On To the Links!

Karl, when was the last time you got this right?

Laughable doesn’t begin to cover it.

Yeah, good luck with that.

Europe’s green energy failures.

The Anti-Chavez

There is never a good time for a nanny tax.  Or a subsidy, either.

No shit, Sherlock.

Because it was a stupid idea to begin with?

Shot: Morning in America

Chaser: Evening in America

Actually, he should be fired.

Why are people moving from blue states to red states?  Three reasons – taxes, taxes, and taxes.  Oh, and probably crime, housing, and a bunch of other things.

This is actually racist.

This Week’s Idiots:

The Nation’s Chris Lehmann (Repeat Offender Alert) is an idiot.

Paul Krugman (Repeat Offender Alert) remains a cheap partisan hack and an idiot. And he doubles down!

MSNBC’s Ja’han Jones (Repeat Offender Alert) is an idiot.

MSNBC’s Paul Waldman is an idiot.

Maureen Dowd is an idiot.

MSNBC’s Symone Sanders is an idiot. (I’m sensing another pattern.)

MSNBC’s Hayes Brown (Repeat Offender Alert) is an idiot. (Yes, it’s a pattern.)

What are they putting in the water at MSNBC this week?

Salon’s Heather Parton (Repeat Offender Alert) is an idiot.

This Week’s Cultural Edification:

I was lucky enough, in 1977 as I recall, to get to see Led Zeppelin in concert.  A bunch of us made the trip down to Des Moines, Iowa for the show, and it was worth the drive and the cost of admission; we managed to work our way right up to the stage, right in front of one of the speakers, and our ears rang for about three days afterward.

Worth it.

One of their better-known tunes (with reason) is 1969’s Whole Lotta Love, from Led Zeppelin II.  Here it is – enjoy!