Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!
Happy Hump Day!

A few January Hump Day tidbits today:

Astronomers to Earth:  You’ve Got Some Newly-Found Near Twins.  Money quote:

Astronomers announced Tuesday that depending on definitions, they have confirmed three or four more planets that are about the same size as Earth and are in the not-too-hot, not-too-cold “Goldilocks Zone” for liquid water to form.

These planets are likely to be rocky like Earth, and not gas giants or ice worlds. They get about the same heat from their star as we get from the sun, according to the latest results from NASA’s planet hunting Kepler telescope.

Here’s the catch:  They are 500 and 1,100 light years away.  So, we won’t be visiting them anytime soon, even with probes.  And if there is anyone on either planet, they’re looking down at us and seeing the Renaissance or the Dark Ages, respectively – no radio or TV signals, no long-distance indication of technology.

Yes-YOU-bearFiled under “Odd Juxtapositions,” here are two seeming contradictions:

Under Obama: Federal Debt Up $84,266 Per Full-Time Private-Sector Worker.

Americans’ New Mood About Economy: It’s Actually Pretty Good.

It might be interesting (and more than a little sad) to see how good folks feel when all that debt comes due.

And finally:  How big is the Internet, really?  Apparently, it’s really big.  Really, really big.