Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

Biden allied groups, including the Democratic National Committee, are also planning to engage fact-checkers more aggressively and work with SMS carriers to dispel misinformation about vaccines that is sent over social media and text messages.  Yes, you read that right, they want to monitor our text messaging.  I don’t see any other way to read that.

Fuck.  Off.  Slavers.

This is some Gestapo-level shit right here.  We generally presume that our personal communications are, you know, private, and now the Biden(‘s handlers) Administration and the DNC as much as admitted that they are not.  What’s more, they as much as admitted that they want to spy on our personal messages.  For our own good, of course!

By the way, who died and yielded any authority to the DNC to do any of this?  They aren’t a government agency, or anything close to it.  They have zero business being involved in this tom-fuckery at all.  And what the hell are these “Biden allied groups?”  What groups?  Who are they?  Why are they involved?  Under whose authority?  Where in the Constitution is any of this horseshit authorized?  Oh, wait, it isn’t!

I can only hope for some serious backlash in 2022, but at this point, as I have been for some time, I’m preparing for the worst.

And so…

On To the Links!

Never underestimate the GOP’s capacity for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

What’s missing in this story?

Spectator’s William Murchison nails it.

I’ll bet that stinks.

Mars Burps Methane.

Major inflation has arrived.  I wonder if printing trillions of fiat dollars could have anything to do with that?

DACA ruled illegal.  No exporting of people already in the program, but no more applications to be accepted.

Dr. Darwin, please pick up the white courtesy phone – Dr. Charles Darwin, pick up the white courtesy phone, please.

The schadenfreude, it is strong in this one.

From panzers to pussies in three generations.

These people are dissembling assholes, and should be hounded out of office.

This is going to be fun to watch.

There’s only election fraud when Democrats lose.

Aspiring rapper who was about to turn his life around?

Sauce for the goose. 

Speaking of:




This Week’s Idiots:

The Nation‘s Elie Mystal (Repeat Offender Alert) is an idiot.

Paul Krugman (Repeat Offender Alert) is still a cheap partisan hack, and an idiot.

My next truck, because fuck that guy.

If I wasn’t already planning to go out and buy a huge honkin’ F450 Diesel 4×4, I would be now, just because of this asshole.  I’ll be damned if I will ever justify any purchasing decision I ever make to pencil-necked gamma males like this prick.

The New York Times‘ Charles Blow (Repeat Offender Alert) is an idiot.

Time‘s Eric Dean Wilson is an idiot.

MSNBC’s Hayes Brown is an idiot.

The Nation‘s John Nichols (Repeat Offender Alert) is an idiot.

MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross is an idiot.

Project Syndicate‘s Courtney Radsch is an idiot.

Alexandria Occasional Cortex (Stupid Twit – NY) is a hypocrite and an idiot.

Now this here is some weapons-grade stupid.

This Week’s Cultural Edification:

I’ve never been a big Jimmy Buffet fan.

He has a singular style, of course, and has put out a few good tunes, but I never really got the whole “island hillbilly” shtick. Still – he’s earned his success, having had a long and successful career.

But Buffet had a music career going before he want all-in Caribbean, and one of the better tunes to come out of that period was his 1974 song Come Monday, from his album Living and Dying in 3/4 Time.  And, so, with no further ado, here it is.  Enjoy.