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Happy Hump Day!
Happy Hump Day!

Today we have another egregious Charles Fox from the least competent, most corrupt Attorney General since Ed Meese:  Hey, Eric Holder:  Voter ID Isn’t Stuck in 1965.  Excerpt:

To wit, black voter registration in North Carolina exceeds that of whites—data from 2012 indicates black registration at 95.3 percent and white registration at 87.8 percent. Given that black registration in North Carolina is 7.5 percent greater than among whites, the court was less than convinced that a voter ID requirement would suddenly lead to an unequal access to the polls. Moreover, Holder and the NAACP asserted that the elimination of same-day registration would lead to a decrease in black voter participation—another claim swatted away by the court.

Their expert witness testified in court that without same-day registration the number of blacks would have declined by 3 percent in 2012 and that one could predict similar results in future elections. This claim, too, was batted away when Schroeder, a George W. Bush appointee, noted: “Plaintiffs have not shown that African-American voters in 2012 lacked—or more importantly, that they currently lack—an equal opportunity to easily register to vote otherwise.

The resistance to voter ID laws staggers belief.  Setting aside AG Holder’s pandering to the self-appointed “civil rights” leadership, it’s impossible to make a realistic case that a society that requires ID for boarding an airplane, for cashing a check, for buying a firearm or a Yes-YOU-bearcar, or for any of a thousand other transactions of everyday life, should somehow allow a citizen to vote without showing such ID.

How many people care enough about their country to vote but not enough to take an hour out of the year to go to the DMV and obtain a state-issued photo ID?

Such people deserve very little sympathy.