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Happy Hump Day!

Thanks as always to The Other McCain for the Rule Five links.

Now:  On to the links!

File this under “not even slightly surprised”:  Weak men are more likely to be socialists than strong men.  I’ll leave it to you readers to draw conclusions from that.

Meanwhile, in socialist Venezuela…

Colin Kaepernick is an idiot.

Joe Biden is possibly senile, and an idiot.  And so his is son.

Lisa Page is an idiot.

Some people are supposedly mistaking sex robots for the real thing.  They’re idiots.  I mean, seriously, look at the photos in the article!  They look like poorly sculpted wax statues.

Ballsy.  Stupid, but ballsy.

No shit, Sherlock.  Still, this is an interesting article, worthy of excerpting:

But is “income equality” the best measure of progress or prosperity?

Consider choosing between the following two actual countries. Country A has much more inequality than Country B. On the Gini measure of inequality  where 0 indicates perfect equality and 100 perfect inequality  Country A has a Gini index of 45 (the 103rd least-equal country) and Country B has a Gini index of 26 (among the top-ten most equal countries).

In Country A, the gross domestic product (GDP) per capita is $62,000, while in Country B, the GDP per capita is $5,700. In Country A, income in the highest quintile averages $143,000 and in the lowest quintile $15,500. In Country B, income in the highest quintile averages $10,300 and in the lowest quintile $2,900.

Country A describes the United States, and Country B describes the far more equal former Soviet state of Belarus. While everyone in Belarus is relatively much more equal, they are certainly not better off. In fact, relative to the rest of the world, the citizens of Belarus are for the most part, much poorer.

I don’t see much need to add anything to that, except that next time I hear some annoying little twerp decrying “income inequality,” I’ll advise them to move to Belarus.  I wonder what their answer will be?

But these guys were hot for teacher.

On education, as well as on so many other things, Bernie Sanders, the daffy old Bolshevik from Vermont, is full of shit.

Speaking of daffy people running for President – Kamala Harris is out.  I guess Willie Brown’s penis only got her so far.

Dear Seattle:  Math isn’t racist, and your public schools are apparently run by idiots.

The New York Times is headed down the shitter.  Nothing really new there, but still, it’s kind of sad.

And on that note, we return you to your Wednesday, already in progress.